Kitchen Design Guide: A Guide To Modern, Contemporary And Traditional Style

Kitchen Design Guide: A Guide To Modern, Contemporary And Traditional Style

Kitchen Design Guide

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is essential for the users to design a kitchen to perfection. A kitchen is the place where culinary activities take place; with time the concept of kitchen has evolved and now, your kitchen is also a place where your kids do their homework, your guests walk in in the middle of a dinner to have a little chat with you. Therefore, designing a kitchen requires a lot of considerations.


Homeowners often feel confused regarding which kitchen design style to pick. There are several options out there such as – modern, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, industrial, transitional; the list goes on. In order to design a stunning modular kitchen, you must set the tone right by selecting an apt kitchen style. 


In this guide, we will walk you through modern, contemporary, and traditional kitchen styles so that you can make an informed decision. 


Kitchen design guide: Modern kitchen design 


We will start with the modern kitchen design style. 


The concept of modern kitchen design revolves around the idea of creating a functional space with minimal aesthetics. The design is sleek, and streamlined with open spaces. Expect handle-less cabinetry flaunting flat-paneled doors.  Such a design gets further enhanced by the incorporation of innovative technology. 


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Since minimal aesthetics is a salient feature of a modern kitchen design, selection of every element must be done carefully to not disrupt the seamless flow.  Concealed cabinets, built-in appliances complement a modern kitchen. Consider adding open shelving to replace bulky overhead cabinets and for color scheme, select white or pastel shades that reflect light. A monochromatic modern kitchen is ideal, but you may opt for a dual-toned version as well. 


While selecting materials keep durability and aesthetics in mind. Marble is a great choice, so are wood and metal. A glossy finish will enhance the style quotient of a  modern luxury kitchen design. Allow natural light to pour into the kitchen, and create a layer of artificial lighting with task lights, ambient lights, and accent lights.


Kitchen design guide: Contemporary kitchen design 


If you want your modular kitchen design to be trendy, then contemporary kitchen style is an ideal option for you. Contemporary kitchen design reflects the latest trends. Therefore, if you want a contemporary modular kitchen, you should explore latest modular kitchen designs. A contemporary kitchen is different from a modern kitchen design in the sense that a contemporary kitchen style is continuously evolving. Such a kitchen design will include features that are currently popular, and these features may belong to other kitchen design styles such as modern, industrial etc.  The contemporary kitchen design too prioritizes functionality but it beautifully blends textures, materials, and colors to create an intimate personal space that exudes warmth. 


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A contemporary kitchen may flaunt an open kitchen layout and have different zones in the kitchen. A contemporary kitchen is much sleeker and it is also clutter-free. Expect design features like geometric patterns, and a double-island, wet and dry kitchen, floating shelves that define one’s personal style. 


Since a contemporary luxury kitchen design brings together features of diverse kitchen styles, you can be experimental with your kitchen design. 


Kitchen design guide: Traditional kitchen design 


Traditional kitchen design is known for its timeless appeal. If you want your kitchen to exude a classic vibe, old world charm, that evokes nostalgia then traditional kitchen design is what you should opt for. A traditional kitchen design is popular among the kitchen users due to its aesthetic appeal. The traditional kitchens have bold accents, interplay of colors, and intricate details. The cabinets in such a design style come with ornate hardware such as -knobs, pulls, etc. 


Toskana Crystal white  

A compact layout such as the L-shaped layout would define the kitchen area. Such kitchens usually have free-standing appliance units, overhead cabinets, glass cabinets, and rich colors. The color pallet of the kitchen walls and cabinetry may be contrasting or complementary, but it has to be accentuated with intricate detailing. 


Wood cabinets are a staple feature of a traditional kitchen design and usual material preferences for a countertop would be marble. Always remember that cabinet design plays a significant role in enhancing the style quotient of a traditional modular kitchen design.  Explore the shaker style cabinet, raised panel cabinets, solid wood cabinets for your kitchen. 

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