How To Give Indian Kitchen Design Ideas a New Twist With Kitchen Islands

How To Give Indian Kitchen Design Ideas a New Twist With Kitchen Islands

How To Give Indian Kitchen Design Ideas a New Twist With Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are one of the most versatile and multi-functional elements that boost your kitchen’s functionality. However, a kitchen island being a free-standing unit would require space in the kitchen; therefore, one must pay attention to the kitchen size before including it in their kitchen.


With that being said, a kitchen island can be a valuable addition to a kitchen, as depending on the style and size of the island, you may use it as your meal prep counter, as your serving station, or as a cleaning station.


Here we will take a look at some of the cool ideas that will give your Indian kitchen design ideas a new twist. Are you ready? Let’s explore.


Kitchen island ideas for Indian kitchen design:


Create a cooking zone:


If more than one cook operates in your kitchen, then a kitchen island will help you create a second cooking zone in your luxury kitchen design. Opt for built-in cooktops from top brands along with a kitchen chimney to keep the cooking zone smoke- and grime-free. Depending on your kitchen usage pattern, you may also opt for a built-in oven.


The length and width of the kitchen island must be adequate for you to create an efficient workstation. Add shallow drawers underneath the cooktop where you can store the cooking accessories, and alternatively, you may also create a spice drawer. Add storage cabinets simultaneously to make room for utensils that you may need during cooking.


Select the countertop material carefully. The countertop should be durable and easy to clean as well.


Create an additional storage zone:


Kitchens of all sizes deal with storage problems because new items keep getting added to the already existing stock. Furthermore, depending on the family size and family expansion, there might also be a requirement for additional storage in your modular kitchen design. The island cabinets and drawers can help you create additional storage to make room for extra items. Opt for handleless pull-out drawers that promise hassle-free operations.


The kitchen island can also transform into a second pantry unit, or, if you currently do not have one, you may create an island pantry. Open cabinets are ideal for this purpose. Install these cabinets and store your cereals, grains, spices, and other items.


 Create a serving counter:


The modern kitchen design now merges the cooking area and serving area, which helps create an intimate family space. Depending on your family size, you should select a kitchen island that serves your purpose. The two-tier kitchen island can be the ideal addition to your Indian kitchen design, as such an island would serve a dual purpose as it comes with two different platforms. On the one hand, you may create a cooking station; on the other hand, you can also serve food. Add seating arrangements accordingly.


Create an entertainment zone:


The kitchen island offers the additional advantage of creating an entertainment zone. It works great for open-plan kitchen plans to have an island in the kitchen. Opt for material options such as marble to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Host parties and serve food to the guests, as well as your friends and family. This platform is also ideal for doing office work from home, and your kids can also do homework. A spectacular kitchen island would amp up the appeal of a luxury kitchen design.


How to choose a kitchen island:


Here are some key points that you should keep in mind while selecting a kitchen island for your Indian kitchen design.


The size:  Be careful with the kitchen island size. The kitchen island would require an adequate amount of space around it so that you can walk around this element without facing any obstruction. A small island will not be functional, and a large island in a small space would block the passage.


The style: Do not ignore aesthetics; your kitchen has a dominant theme, as does the island that you are planning on installing. Maintain consistency and ensure that the island complements the kitchen’s aesthetics.


At Hacker Kitchens, we understand the significance of a multi-functional island in the kitchen. Hence, we have created an extendable island that slides out to offer you countertop space. Check it out here:


Conclusion:  Kitchen islands can certainly twist Indian kitchen design. This multi-functional unit can enhance kitchen functionality by offering a meal prep zone, countertop space, and serving station. Keep your requirements and available space in mind before you select an island.


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