6 Trends That Are Transforming Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

6 Trends That Are Transforming Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

6 Trends That Are Transforming Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Indian kitchen design is undergoing a revolutionary change. With changing user needs, kitchen design is adopting features to adapt to those needs. The Indian kitchen is now a zone where cooking, serving, entertaining, and other activities take place. Over the years, trendy new features have made their way into the modern Indian kitchen space.


While certain trends come and go, others get incorporated into the modern kitchen design. Let’s explore six such trends that transform the idea of designing kitchens in India today.


Indian kitchen design: What’s trending?


#Trend: Handleless cabinets and drawers


One of the biggest trends dominating the Indian kitchen space is the use of handleless cabinets and drawers. The modern Indian kitchens are tilting towards the sleek modern kitchen design style that streamlines the design elements. Several users no longer favor kitchen cabinets with handles and hardware; these ornate cabinets are prominent features of a classic kitchen or traditional kitchen design style.


But for a modern kitchen space, the users prefer the cabinets and drawers without the handles that lend a streamlined, minimalist look. These cabinets and drawers are easy to operate and more accessible. Furthermore, these are more functional and do not cause a hindrance like traditional cabinet hardware. Some of the handleless storage modules open and close with a light touch, while the others are pull-out systems.


#Trend: Kitchen Islands


One component, the kitchen island, has not only found its way into Indian kitchens but also won over customers with its fashionable and functional design. The integration of this element into modern modular kitchens has inspired users to adopt the island kitchen layout. The Kitchen islands are free-standing units of various shapes, sizes, and styles. These kitchen islands are multifunctional; depending upon the usage pattern, the kitchen island may turn into a meal prep zone, a cooking zone, and a storage zone. A kitchen island can also become a serving area when the right seat arrangement is in place.


#Trend: Open kitchen plan


Nothing works better than an open kitchen plan for an apartment where a user has to struggle with space management in the kitchen. Open kitchen plans or open kitchen designs have gradually become a popular choice among kitchen users. The open-planned kitchen is a flexible layout that enables users to merge the kitchen with the dining or living room areas efficiently. With the right seating arrangement the island can turn into a serving zone as well. This versatile element is here to stay and you can implement this element whichever way you want, the possibilities are endless.


#Trend: Minimalist kitchen design


One more trend affecting kitchen design in India is the minimalist kitchen design. Modern kitchen users are experimenting with kitchen style by creating a minimalist kitchen design. The minimalist kitchen is known for its clean lines, clutter-free simplicity, and high functionality. Minimalist kitchen ideas are built around the concept of utility; hence, such kitchens are functional, have a streamlined design, and are organized. Concealed storage, handleless cabinet fronts, and built-in appliances are some of the prominent features of the minimalist modern kitchen design.


#Trend: Layered lighting


Indian kitchen designs are shifting towards functionality by focusing on investing in design elements that help boost kitchen functionality. A layered lighting scheme is now more than a trend in the Indian kitchen; it is gradually becoming a design rule that ensures functionality. A kitchen lighting scheme now includes task lighting, a must for the work zones in the kitchen, along with recessed lighting, pendant lighting, and track lighting.


#Trend: Built-in appliances


Indian kitchens are gradually opting for built-in appliances rather than free-standing ones. The tailored kitchen designs demand attention to every detail, and the placement of the appliances must be in sync with different kitchen zones. The built-in appliances are a significant feature of modern kitchen design, as these appliances help streamline the kitchen aesthetics.


From built-in cooktops to built-in dishwashers, the range of built-in appliances ensures that your modern kitchen design gets streamlined while ensuring high functionality. The built-in concealed appliances are a must for modern kitchen design.


Conclusion: These six trends are here to stay since they all help improve kitchen aesthetics and functionality. However, stay aware of the changes taking place in the field of kitchen design and learn about new features. But while designing a kitchen, keep your specific kitchen design requirements in mind.


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