5 Tips That Will Take Care of Storage Planning in Your Modern Kitchen Design

5 Tips That Will Take Care of Storage Planning in Your Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen storage planning and organization are often the most complicated puzzles you will ever solve when designing or renovating your kitchen. A kitchen must be kept clean and organized as an active space and the only way to do this is through planning a practical storage system.


But how do you plan storage to create an efficient modern kitchen design? There are many considerations, and you need a tailored design to do justice to those considerations. Here, we have put together five simple tips to help you take care of storage planning enabling you to enhance functionality of your modern kitchen design.


How to plan modern kitchen storage? Here are some tips


Demarcate a storage zone:


Your storage units store all your kitchen essentials, but while planning them, pay attention to space allocation and accessibility. If your luxury kitchen storage modules are randomly placed and you have to run around the kitchen to access your items, it will disrupt the workflow. You should, therefore, create a storage zone between the meal prep area and cooking zone.


You should be able to increase your accessibility through demarcation. Install a shallow drawer underneath the cooking surface to hold tools such as ladles, spoons, etc. You may systematize your modular kitchen storage by creating a storage zone for storing perishable and non-perishable foods, kitchen equipment, small appliances, utensils, crockery, and kitchen accessories.


Customize your storage layout:


There is no universal storage design or layout that would fit any and every kitchen space. Each modern kitchen design is unique in terms of size, usage pattern, and user requirements; therefore, as a user, you must customize your modular kitchen storage layout. The kitchen storage layout should be in sync with your usage pattern to make it functional.


For example, if you are planning on creating a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen zone in the luxury kitchen, you must create separate storage modules for both sections. A wet kitchen should contain heavy pots and pans, accessories, and other utensils required for regular, heavy-duty cooking. The dry kitchen zone will only contain the essentials that are required for the light tasks performed there, as well as the serveware. Let your kitchen usage pattern determine the storage layout.


Research your options:


The selection of the appropriate storage module is crucial to a successful modular kitchen storage planning. Several storage units are available in different styles and sizes. But you must select storage units as per your requirements. The cabinet design is undergoing a massive change, and now handleless cabinets are the rage. Such cabinets have efficient design; hence, they are functional and uber-stylish. The kitchen cabinets are now getting replaced by kitchen drawers.


These drawers are available in pull-out designs and are easy to operate. There are spice cabinets and pantry units to consider as well. These units are mandatory if you want to segment your kitchen storage further. If you do not have the space for a grocery unit, then a tall-unit would be a perfect addition that can take up space behind your refrigerator. You can replace a standard cabinet with a shallow pull-out spice drawer.


Add shelves:


Adding shelves in the luxury kitchen will be a simple yet effective step that will help you streamline your kitchen storage. These shelves serve multiple purposes; on one hand, you can create open storage for displaying your precious china sets, wine glasses, décor pieces, and even small plants. These shelves add functionality to the kitchen design, as you can put your coffee mugs, the stack of dinner plates, and even spices for daily cooking on these shelves, or you may also place your cookbooks on these shelves. The floating shelves are available in many shapes and sizes; choose yours and find an optimal position for the shelves in the kitchen.


Invest in accessories:


Enhancing accessibility should also be your goal; hence, invest in accessories to ensure that your accessories enhance the functionality of the cabinets and drawers. The carousels, cutlery organizers, and dividers will help you smartly segment your kitchen items. Since everything has a designated space, you can select any item without disturbing the order.


Plan your storage in the kitchen efficiently and streamline your workflow in the kitchen. Enjoy a seamless cooking experience and access any item you require in a jiffy without any hassle. Choose your storage modules wisely and for inspiration explore latest modular kitchen models.


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