Modular Kitchen Design: How To Reduce Visual Clutter in The Kitchen?

Modular Kitchen Design: How To Reduce Visual Clutter in The Kitchen?

Modular Kitchen Design: How To Reduce Visual Clutter in The Kitchen?

A kitchen being the heart of the home, needs to have a functional design. A kitchen needs to have the right balance of aesthetics and functionality, and in the modular kitchen design, the balance is maintained. However, since a modern modular kitchen design has become a hub of multiple activities other than cooking, one must pay attention to details at the planning stage to avoid issues like visual clutter.


Visual clutter not only impacts kitchen aesthetics but also affects kitchen functionality.  If you are planning a luxury modular kitchen, you must take the necessary steps to reduce visual clutter and streamline the design.


In this blog, we will discuss ways to reduce visual clutter in your modular kitchen. Without any further ado, let’s begin.


How to reduce visual clutter in your modular kitchen:


Even though you put a lot of effort into kitchen maintenance, and keep it clean and organized, it may still look cluttered. If you store too many utensils, kitchen gadgets, and stuff on the countertop, or store your kitchen essentials in an unplanned manner, it would lead to visual clutter and affect kitchen efficiency.


Here are some tips that may help you reduce visual clutter in the kitchen.


Free up the countertop:


The kitchen countertop should not be cluttered. More often than not users place small kitchen appliances and tools on the countertop, put a stack of plates on the countertop, even cookbooks, and whatnot. These items clutter the surface thus giving an impression of an unclean surface. Such visual clutter not only affects the visual appeal of the kitchen but also impacts the luxury kitchen functionality. The countertop is your meal prep zone where you chop vegetables, prepare spice mixes, and also cook your food. The surface needs to be free from any item that does not belong on the counter.


Only keep tools and appliances meant for everyday use on the countertop, but leave the surface empty. Add small floating shelves on top and put such necessary items; you may also add shallow drawers right underneath the countertop area. For example, a drawer can be added for storing the kitchen tools, or there may be a spice drawer. Invest in organizers to keep the items sorted.


Invest in handleless kitchen cabinets:


Nothing can streamline the kitchen design and minimize visual clutter in the kitchen like the handleless kitchen cabinets. These cabinets adorn the majority of the latest modular kitchen designs these days. Handle-less cabinets lend a clean vibe to the kitchen aesthetics and also are easy to access. These drawers are easy to maintain and since they come with dividers and organizers, your storage becomes more accessible.


You can go one step further and opt for concealed storage and also built-in appliances to keep visual clutter away.


Glam up your vertical storage:


Vertical storage is crucial to ensuring kitchen functionality. If your vertical storage comprises open shelves or glass cabinets, do not treat them as a dumping ground. Instead of cramming these cabinets with items, or putting stacks of random items on the shelves, you should take a strategic approach. Especially when you plan a luxury modular kitchen, you must pay attention to the style quotient. Be selective about the items you wish to store vertically and implement integrated lighting to create a stunning display. Being systematic about vertical storage can not only reduce visual clutter but also enhance the visual appeal.


Conceal your appliances:


Appliances are a must for any modular kitchen; however, unless you position the appliances strategically, it may lead to visual clutter. The big appliances as well as the small ones such as toasters take up space, and they also interrupt the design flow. A simple yet, highly effective way to remedy the problem is to invest in built-in appliances. Study the latest kitchen designs to learn how concealed appliances work. Integrated appliances are accessible because they are strategically positioned, easy to maintain, and significantly reduce visual clutter.


These are simple-to-follow rules that help reduce visual clutter in the kitchen. However, you have to keep on decluttering the kitchen from time to time to ensure that unnecessary items are not piling up.  Remove items that you no longer use, thoroughly clean once in two weeks and if necessary re-organize your kitchen. It helps to keep clutter away and enhance kitchen functionality.


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