Should You Opt for a Single-Wall Kitchen? The Latest Modular Kitchen Planning Guide

Should You Opt for a Single-Wall Kitchen? The Latest Modular Kitchen Planning Guide

Should You Opt for a Single-Wall Kitchen? The Latest Modular Kitchen Planning Guide

Creating a streamlined kitchen design requires the selection of a kitchen layout that optimizes the available space and complements your kitchen style. A golden kitchen design rule is striking a balance between functionality and design, and while selecting a layout, one must adhere to this rule. In our previous blogs, we have introduced you to the trending modern kitchen layouts.


In this blog, we will discuss a specific layout—a single-wall kitchen. This layout is practical and helps one create an ergonomic kitchen design, and also be creative with the kitchen design. If you are currently planning a modular kitchen in India, you should consider this layout.


Although the single-wall kitchen layout or one-wall layout is versatile, is it going to be an ideal option for your kitchen? Let’s explore this guide to learn.


The latest modular kitchen planning guide: single-wall kitchen layout


Along with being a versatile layout, it is also a flexible layout that leaves room for experimentation. Whether you want to plan a small modular kitchen design or a spacious kitchen, this layout can be an ideal option. With that being said, pay attention to how you use your kitchen. Your lifestyle pattern would finally determine how you plan this layout.


The single-wall layout, as the name suggests, arranges the kitchen furniture and the appliances in a single line. The layout immediately boosts workflow in the kitchen and simultaneously offers you the scope to customize the design as per your design preferences.


Let’s learn some of the benefits of a single-wall layout


  • Space-saving layout: The single-wall kitchen layout is the most efficient layout that saves space. Especially if you have a small kitchen to plan, you should consider investing in a single-wall layout.
  • Boosts the workflow: The single-wall layout can boost workflow in the kitchen. Since the layout runs through a single wall, it leaves plenty of room for you to walk around and also to access all the essential elements.
  • Ideal for entertainment: The single-wall layout is ideal if you are planning on creating an entertainment zone in the kitchen. Since it is a flexible layout, you can play around with ideas.

Now that you have clarity regarding the layout, you should explore the ideas given below to create an efficient luxury kitchen.


Tips to create an efficient single-wall layout:


Add an island:


You can play around with the layout because there is plenty of room for you to maneuver. Depending on your lifestyle pattern, you may add other design elements to it, such as an island. Since an island is a versatile element, you may use it for creating additional storage space or for creating an entertainment zone. If you need storage space, then add drawers and cabinets to store items, and also use the surface for meal preparation, and serving food. However, if yours is a small modular kitchen, then select the island size and style carefully. For an open kitchen plan, combining the one-wall layout with an island would be perfect, as it would boost the workflow and also enhance aesthetics.


Vertical storage modules are a must:


Since the layout is compact, you won’t have access to install multiple cabinets; therefore, you should utilize the vertical space. You should invest in upper cabinets and floating shelves to create efficient vertical storage. Put items that you do not use regularly in the upper cabinets, and the shelves can be used for strong items that you may need frequently.


Install built-in appliances:


The single-wall layout is a minimalistic layout that streamlines the kitchen design flow. Boost the flow by investing in built-in appliances that would help in continuing the design flow. These appliances are high-performing and easy to maintain.


Opt for a dual-toned kitchen:


A dual-toned single-wall layout would also enhance the style quotient of the kitchen. You may opt for an all-white kitchen, though, but playing with colors can help you define your kitchen. The cabinets can be in bold shades to create a beautiful contrast. Do not forget to install a layered lighting scheme to create a snazzy, luxury kitchen space.


A single-wall kitchen can be efficient and beautiful, but only if you plan it well. Pay attention to details and invest in the best-quality materials and appliances. Create a kitchen design that will be an inspiration for others.


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