Transform Your Modern Indian Kitchen With These Innovative Storage Ideas!

Transform Your Modern Indian Kitchen With These Innovative Storage Ideas!

Transform Your Modern Indian Kitchen With These Innovative Storage Ideas!

Dealing with clutter in a modern kitchen is a situation that every kitchen user would rather not face. Clutter not only affects kitchen functionality but also makes the kitchen look dirty. Locating an item in the kitchen would be difficult if the kitchen is cluttered. But you can say goodbye to clutter forever with efficient storage solutions. Here we’ve put together some innovative storage ideas to transform your modern kitchen design; to know more, you have to read on.


Innovative storage ideas to transform a modern Indian kitchen:


Create a storage zone:


You can tackle the storage issues better when you separate the storage zone in the kitchen. The strategic planning of a storage zone will enhance kitchen efficiency. When you create a separate zone for storage, it will help you store everything efficiently. The placement of the storage zone must also be strategic; it should be positioned next to the cooking and meal prep zone. The creation of this zone would ensure that every kitchen item has its place, and you can also locate items in a jiffy. You no longer have to rummage around drawers to find your items; instead you can access any item you need. If you are planning a modular kitchen in Bangalore, you must create a storage zone to systematically store your kitchen essentials.


 Open shelves:


Having open shelves in the kitchen is a great idea. You can have as many open shelves as you want in the kitchen in varying sizes. The open shelves not only make it easier for you to access the items you need, but these shelves also make it easier for you to locate items. You can install one or, more than one floating shelf in the kitchen to store exclusive crockery items that you want to display. In your modular kitchen in Indore, such shelves could be the perfect additions; you can add smaller shelves for storing the spice jars, and also small knick-knacks. You can be as innovative with these shelves as you want.


Go vertical with baskets and racks:


When it comes to creating storage in your kitchen you should think of vertical storage.  Try installing pegboards, hanging shelves, and you can also install baskets on the walls, and at the back of the door. These storage solutions come in very handy and would be absolutely perfect for storing ladles, spoons, bowls, plates, and even hanging mugs. On the other hand the hanging racks would be ideal because you can hang your big pots and pans from these racks, and you do not have to stack them in the cabinets. There are many innovative designs available in this segment that you must explore to keep your modular kitchen in Bangalore organized.


Include an island:


Nothing can solve your storage owes like a kitchen island. Truly a kitchen island is all you need to make room for not just your miscellaneous kitchen items, but also for your appliances as well. The kitchen island if chosen right, could be the ideal solution that you are looking for in your modern kitchen design. You can install small cabinets and drawers especially to store the extra items, and you can also make room for medium to big appliances including the dishwasher. However, you must have big enough space available in the kitchen to be able to accommodate in the kitchen island. Be calculative about your storage needs before you opt for an island for your modular kitchen in Indore.


You need accessories:


Nothing can work like magic to solve your kitchen problems like the kitchen accessories. If you are having storage space shortage issue, then install corner drawers and also install magic corners to store those big pots that you occasionally use, you can also keep your sauce bottles there. On the other hand installing a tall-unit can help you solve multiple storage issues, and you can store plenty items there and the unit will not even take up much space. It will just slide in and it can fit behind your refrigerator as well.


Conclusion: These innovative storage ideas would be just perfect for your modern kitchen design. You should never have unnecessary items in the kitchen, only stock up on items that you really need. This will help you keep the clutter away from your kitchen.





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