Planning A Contemporary Kitchen Design In Mumbai? Here’s How To Progress

Planning A Contemporary Kitchen Design In Mumbai? Here’s How To Progress

Planning A Contemporary Kitchen Design In Mumbai? Here’s How To Progress

It is a delight to watch kitchen design evolve steadily through the years, with users shifting their attention from traditional, classic kitchen design themes to modern, contemporary ones. Contemporary kitchen design is a popular option making its way into Indian homes. 


The contemporary kitchen design blends modern design aesthetics and innovative features and presents a kitchen that stands out and is highly functional, fulfilling the users’ every requirement. 


The contemporary kitchen design style has many distinctive features, and you must learn about them to design the perfect contemporary kitchen design in Mumbai. Let’s find out more about this here.


Contemporary kitchen design in Mumbai: What to Know?


Always remember that a ‘contemporary’ kitchen will reflect the trending style at a given point in time. Features, colors, and materials that are currently trending will make their way into your kitchen. However, you must personalize these elements to create an intimate and functional kitchen space that reflects your style. A contemporary kitchen design is not bound by any rules and, hence, leaves plenty of room for experimentation. 


Now, let’s delve deeper into the design process. 


Embrace the open concept: 


While planning your kitchen, you will explore unique kitchen layouts to optimize the kitchen space and define it. For a contemporary kitchen, you should embrace the open kitchen plan. The open kitchen concept has become a popular choice among homeowners over the last couple of years. Along with lending a smart look, the open kitchen plan can also save space. 


 Merge areas by opening up your kitchen space and allowing natural light and air to flow around the kitchen. The open kitchen complements the modern home interiors and allows the user to interact with guests or family while cooking. 


Invest in open shelves to boost functionality and kitchen aesthetics. These shelves are easy to install, and this bunch of shelves lets you store your everyday items and also display items that enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. 


Modern storage solutions: 


While planning a contemporary kitchen design, you must pay attention to the storage. Instead of heavy, ornate cabinets with ornate knobs and pulls, you must also opt for modern kitchen drawers that completely discard the hardware and have a soft-closing system. The push-to-open cabinets can be the best additions to your home. 


One more key trend to keep in mind while planning storage for your contemporary kitchen design in Mumbai is concealed storage. Incorporate that into your contemporary luxury kitchen design and watch how your kitchen transforms. Along with your storage, you may also conceal your appliances by investing in built-in appliances. 


Minimal aesthetics free from visual clutter: 


A contemporary kitchen is beautifully minimal. From your kitchen layout to the kitchen components, let minimalism rule your cooking space. The contemporary kitchen is all about sleek aesthetics and clean lines. Do not worry that you have to sacrifice kitchen functionality by going minimal. Streamlined design will reduce visual clutter and ensure that your design flows smoothly without any disruption. 


Your contemporary kitchen should also be well organized, and for that, you must select organization units to keep everything in order in your kitchen. A well-organized contemporary kitchen will not only be visually appealing but will also be easy to maintain.


Contemporary lights: 


Lights, both natural and artificial, are required to create a beautiful contemporary kitchen. Ensure that natural light can brighten the kitchen interior, and for artificial lights, you must invest in contemporary lighting fixtures to illuminate your kitchen. Lighting is an essential kitchen design component that can enhance the kitchen’s functionality. Task lighting is important for the functionality of the kitchen. 


Apart from task lighting, you should also invest in premium artificial lighting fixtures such as pendant lighting and kitchen chandeliers that will enhance the style quotient of your kitchen. You can light up your display cabinets or shelves aesthetically by incorporating integrated lighting into the lighting scheme. The integrated lights should also be part of the kitchen cabinets and drawers so that you can locate any item easily in the drawer.


Through this blog, we tried to cover certain crucial aspects of the contemporary kitchen design process. Check out these pointers discussed in this blog, and keep them in mind before you get down to designing your contemporary kitchen design in Mumbai


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