How to design a contemporary Indian kitchen? Here is the guide

How to design a contemporary Indian kitchen? Here is the guide

Indian kitchen ideas

Designing a kitchen is never an easy task, getting the balance of aesthetics and functionality right can be challenging. However, if you are tired of your current kitchen design and planning to give it a contemporary makeover then you are on the right path! Even if you are not planning your kitchen, still learning about the contemporary Indian kitchen design ideas can help you clarify your notion. If you plan a kitchen in a couple of years from now you will know what to do.


You can choose any style for your kitchen; however, today we are focusing on the contemporary style. So,without any further ado let’s find out some cool contemporary Indian kitchen ideas.


Design ideas for a contemporary Indian kitchen:


If you are someone who appreciates the charm of simplicity, then the contemporary style would be absolutely perfect for you. The stress is on creating a kitchen space that is functional, with a chic glam. Here are some elements that you should pay attention to while designing yours.


Innovative layouts:


One of the best parts about the contemporary kitchen is the sleek layouts. There is no way there would be any unplanned space in the kitchen, there are different layouts which can cover the entire kitchen area in a way that you will be able to use every inch of the kitchen including those kitchen corners. Before you start planning a contemporary kitchen, look for the layouts that are trending now. Go through the pros and cons of each, and visualize your kitchen space. If you are not sure then search for modular kitchen showroom near me, and visit the showroom to learn more about these layouts. Depending upon your kitchen space, your storage requirements, you should select the ideal layout for your kitchen storage.


Smart cabinets:


With a contemporary kitchen design you can finally say goodbye to the bulky cabinets and their traditional hardware. A contemporary kitchen design thrives on sleek cabinet styles. There is no need to include knobs or, pulls, the handle-less cabinets are sleek and are more efficient than their traditional counterparts. To streamline the storage design further you might consider having drawers. If you are willing to opt for themmodular kitchen concept then you can bring in smart storage modules. You can visit the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai to learn more about these smart storage designs.


Include open shelving:


One of the biggest trends of the contemporary kitchen design style is the inclusion of the open shelves. Instead of the overhead cabinets, you should consider including the open shelves. This is a great idea, as the overhead cabinets are bulky, and uncomfortable to work with. The open shelves are a great addition to your kitchen that will blend fine with Indian kitchen ideas. You can use the shelves for displaying décor pieces, cookbooks, or, these can also solve your storage problem by offering you additional storage space.


The inclusion of the shelves can certainly help you upgrade your kitchen aesthetics and functionality.


Opt for integrated appliances:


The appliances are a must for any modern kitchen, but traditionally we just place them anywhere in the kitchen. If you are opting for a contemporary kitchen design then you need to integrate them into your kitchen design with the help of the sleek cabinetry. This is a great design trick to create a seamless kitchen aesthetics, from the dishwasher to your microwave everything will be behind these panels. In fact, the modular kitchen concept too is veering towards using panels to hide the kitchen appliances; if you are interested in the concept then you can find out more about this trend from the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai.


Create different zones:


When it comes to designing a contemporary Indian kitchen you need to keep in mind that, now the kitchen is no longer used for just cooking purposes. The kitchen also includes serving and entertainment zone. If your kitchen space is big enough to permit such activities then you should consider creating different zones in your kitchen for serving as well as for entertaining. You could bring in a table or, you can also opt for an island which is a must-have element for a contemporary kitchen. If you are not sure about the placement then conduct a search for kitchen showroom near me and visit it. You will find different ideas there.


The lighting should be right:


In a contemporary kitchen design the lighting aspect must be taken care of. You have to step out of the traditional lighting ideas, and stat planning a layered lighting scheme for your contemporary kitchen. From the ambient lighting to task lighting, you have to include different lights in different areas of the kitchen to ensure that your kitchen is a bright place. Especially the task lighting should be incorporated into the modern Indian kitchen ideas. If you are including an entertainment or, serving zone then do add a pendant as well.


Those were a couple of contemporary Indian kitchen design ideas that you should keep in mind. Transforming your regular kitchen into a contemporary kitchen might seem like a daunting task, but with a little planning you can get it done. Always remember no matter what style you adopt you kitchen should
always be the place you would love.


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