How to Keep Your Small Modern Kitchen Absolutely Clutter Free?

How to Keep Your Small Modern Kitchen Absolutely Clutter Free?

How to Keep Your Small Modern Kitchen Absolutely Clutter Free

A small kitchen space will always be the most difficult to design and if you have a small modern kitchen then you have to struggle to keep clutter away from it. The lack of space in a kitchen can truly be frustrating, that is why it takes a lot of planning and calculations to create a kitchen space which is efficient and is absolutely clutter-free. However, one should know that keeping a kitchen clutter-free is a challenge regardless of its size. Here are some pointers that might help you keep your small modern kitchen design clutter-free. Let’s begin.


Tips to keep small modern kitchen absolutely clutter free:


An open layout works better:


Instead of having an enclosed kitchen space, it is best to opt for an open kitchen layout that would open up the kitchen and enable you to make room for your things. You would be able to incorporate the elements in a way that everything would be more streamlined in the kitchen. Opening up the walls on one hand would allow you to explore innovative storage solutions; it would also enable you to let in air and light to make the kitchen a healthy place as well. With the open layout you can have the entire kitchen space open wide and you can add shelving and overhead cabinets to utilize the vertical space. This would lessen the pressure on the rest of the kitchen modules. Opting for a modular kitchen would work in your favor as well.


Make smart appliance choices:


If the kitchen space is already small, it would be a mistake to fill it up with appliances of all sizes. Yes, we cannot do without the modern appliances, and in a modern kitchen they are a must-have. But not all appliances are necessary for your kitchen. Therefore, be selective while investing in the appliances. Keep the necessary ones like the refrigerator, the microwave, the dishwasher, etc. However, now there are many appliances around and it is okay to feel tempted, but before you hit the buy button, make sure that you really are going to use it. If you are buying an appliance because you plan on using it in the future, then you should rather skip it. Whether it is a small modern kitchen, or, a readymade modular kitchen, there should not be unnecessary appliances, even the smaller ones would clutter the countertop area.


Think about having open storage:


When it comes to keeping your small kitchen clutter-free you should think about being innovative. Open storage is a great idea for a small kitchen; instead of hunting for objects in a closed cabinet it is a great idea to have open shelves, and pantries without any doors. This will enable you to make your kitchen resources accessible, and absolutely clutter-free. This is a great way to display your cherished items in your modular kitchen as well; however, if you are opting for such a storage system then you have to make sure that you are planning it well, and there are separate sections for everything. This will keep things in order. When you have the open shelves you can also make your kitchen look spacious, and this way you can keep everything organized as well.


Do take advantage of the kitchen corners:


In a small kitchen, space utilization matters the most, therefore, it is mandatory that you optimize every inch of the kitchen; the corner areas in a small modern kitchen design usually go to waste. You must pay attention to your kitchen space and figure out how to use the corner areas. It would be better if you can build corner storage modules like the corner cabinets and drawers, which would allow you to create extra room for your items. Take advantage of the innovative kitchen corner accessories like the carousel units as these would allow you to store your items accordingly, and make them easily accessible as well. This will definitely lessen the load on the rest of the kitchen modules. You will have more space, and less clutter.


Use vertical space:


More often than not we end up neglecting the vertical space in the kitchen. You should consider exploring the vertical space where you can build additional storage in many forms. You can add the floating shelves to the kitchen walls so that you can put the extra items on there. You can also build open shelves, and even install hanging racks so that you can make room for your pots and pans, chopping boards etc. Having a pegboard backsplash is another brilliant idea that allows you to make room for so many accessories and help you save space and keep the clutter away. Even if you are opting for a readymade modular kitchen, you can still give it a thought.


Conclusion: If you have been worrying how to keep your small modern kitchen design absolutely clutter-free, then you should try out these ideas here. These are very basic ideas that will help you design and organize your kitchen in a way that you can maximize the space, and keep it organized.





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