What Are The Features of a Modern Kitchen Design? Check Out This Guide to Learn

What Are The Features of a Modern Kitchen Design? Check Out This Guide to Learn

What Are The Features of a Modern Kitchen Design? Check Out This Guide to Learn

The kitchen design can be versatile and you have the traditional, contemporary, and modern styles to choose from. There are many other design variations you can opt for, however, the modern kitchen design seems to be quite a popular choice now. If you have been considering a modern kitchen design then you must be clear about its salient features. If you want to renovate your current kitchen, or, want to plan a brand new kitchen, you must try out the modern kitchen style. Here is a guide that will cover all the basics of a modern kitchen design so that you can move ahead with confidence.


A guide to the modern kitchen design:


The perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics:


The modern kitchen is about striking the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. A modern kitchen is made for the modern home owners who have a busy lifestyle, the kitchen therefore must be an efficient place for them. Likewise the kitchen also needs to be chic enough to fit the modern home interior. The modern kitchen focuses on being functional while flaunting a streamlined look. You can also opt for a readymade modular kitchen if you want to enhance your kitchen functionality.


The kitchen color pallet is bolder:


With a modern kitchen design you can be as bold with your color options as you want to. It’s not like you cannot try out an all-white kitchen, you can; the modern kitchen can be dual-toned, it could be a monochromatic color pallet, or, anything you like it to flaunt. You can also introduce colors with the cabinets and accents, and you can also opt for metallic finish. Explore the latest modular kitchen ideas and be ready to experiment with your choice.


Sleek storage modules:


With a modern kitchen you can finally say goodbye to the bulky cabinets with knobs and pulls. The modern kitchen cabinets are sleek in style and have a streamlined design that could also be operated with touch. There are cabinets, drawers available that have a pull-out design. These storage modules that define a modern kitchen design are easier to operate and are designed in a way that optimizes space and take care of your storage woes. The modern kitchen also experiments with storage module styles. You can also add open shelves to your kitchen and that would ensure that the kitchen storage is being segmented and is also accessible.


Planned zones:


The modern kitchen is well-planned and it is segmented in zones. You have the food-prep zone, the cleaning zone, the storage zone, etc. The segmentation of the zones makes a modern kitchen design more streamlined and systematic. You will have clear demarcated zones and these never overlap therefore, you can switch between zones without any kind of hassle. The modern kitchen is also known for the work triangle rule. The readymade modular kitchen design also implements this rule. This rule is all about positioning your refrigerator, cooktop, and the sink in a way that the three points in the kitchen maintain an ideal distance and thereby help you move around without any hassle. During the rush hours you can easily access items without running into an obstacle.


The layouts:


The modern kitchen style is also known for its layouts. The modern kitchen is well-defined with the layouts which not only enhance the aesthetics but also increases efficiency by optimizing the kitchen design. The straight-line layout, the U-shaped layout, the L-shaped layout, the parallel kitchen layout, the galley kitchen layout, the kitchen island layout are some of the options that come with the modern kitchen style. The modular kitchen ideas also prioritize layout. However, when it comes to picking a layout, choose the one that would optimize your kitchen space the best. The layouts also come with pros and cons and it is always wise to make informed decisions.


The lighting scheme:


The modern kitchen design opts for a smart lighting scheme and a layered lighting scheme is what one could expect from a modern kitchen style. With ambient lighting, accent and task lighting will also be included in the modern lighting scheme for the kitchen. Each layer of lighting would address different lighting concerns in the kitchen. The task lighting would make the food preparation, cooking, and cleaning easier. On the other hand the ambient lighting would make the kitchen a bright place. The accent light in the form of pendant lighting fixtures would be required to light up specific sections.


Conclusion: The modern kitchen style has some unique features that make it stand out from the other styles. The modern design makes a kitchen efficient, and also lends it a sleek, beautiful look. However, before implementing this style you should explore the designs that are trending, and select a style that suits your requirement.





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