Looking to Include a Kitchen Island in Your Indian Kitchen? Here is a Guide For You

Looking to Include a Kitchen Island in Your Indian Kitchen? Here is a Guide For You

Looking to Include a Kitchen Island in Your Indian Kitchen? Here is a Guide For You

A kitchen island is a versatile element that many kitchen users love to include in their kitchen. There is more than one reason why one should consider including this element in their Indian kitchen. Along with enhancing the kitchen aesthetics, the kitchen island could offer you additional storage, and you can also build a second workstation there. If you have been planning on adding this element to your modular kitchen in Bangalore, then you should check out this guide first. There are some pointers that you have to keep in mind to make it work in your favor.


Things to keep in mind before including a kitchen island:


Do you need an island:


The first step should be being clear about your decision, you have to be sure that you really want the kitchen island in your kitchen. Do you need it for aesthetic purposes? Or, do you need it to build additional storage? You can also use the island to build yourself a second workstation. You have to be sure about its purpose, because the island would enhance your cost and would take up a significant amount of space in the kitchen. You need to justify your decision of including this in your kitchen. It could also be a part of your modular kitchen in Chennai, but make sure you have the need for it. You can also add it for purely aesthetic purposes; by being sure of your requirement you can select the right island for your kitchen.


Which style would be right?


There are a number of kitchen island styles available, and one should consider exploring these styles to decide which one would fit their kitchen best.  If you are planning a modular kitchen in Indore and want a functional kitchen island that would serve as a serving area and also as your work station then you must choose a two-tier kitchen island. On the other hand, if you just need it for the aesthetic purposes you might opt for something else. For a small kitchen space where there is no space for an island, one should consider using an island on wheels. Therefore, explore and learn about different options available and select something that suits your requirement best.


Customize it:


If you are sure that you do need the kitchen island then you have to decide what function you want it to perform. You can start customizing the kitchen island accordingly; if you are going to use the island for building additional storage then you must decide the number of drawers, and cabinets to include and also decide their placement.  If the kitchen island is going to serve you as the second work station in your modular kitchen in Bangalore, then you must plan it right. You should install a sink, and a countertop, but for that you should check your plumbing outlet in the kitchen. If you want this to serve as your dining area, then you should think about the seating arrangement. Customize the island so that it could serve you right. You have to be precise about the design, width, height, material, so that it could be ideal for your kitchen.


Does the current layout work?


Every kitchen has a layout, and when you are including an element as important as the kitchen island, you should keep your current layout in mind. If you have a straight line layout, or, even the L-shaped layout you can easily incorporate the element in your modular kitchen in Chennai. The open kitchen layout would be absolutely perfect for the placement of an island. With other layouts you might have some problem, so take expert help if you do not know how to make it work.


Does it affect the triangle rule?


In a kitchen the golden triangle rule will help you make the place functional. However, you may already have implemented this rule in the kitchen, but when you include the island in your modular kitchen in Indore you have to make sure that it does not disrupt the kitchen design. You must have a kitchen design where the work triangle works. If you are bringing in the island you should ensure that the traffic flow around the island is moving smoothly, and the three main points of the kitchen could be reached. If you are installing a kitchen sink, then position the cooktop and refrigerator accordingly.


Conclusion:  The kitchen island could be a precious addition to your Indian kitchen. However, keep the above mentioned pointers in mind before you install an island. If you are planning on having a modular kitchen in Bangalore, you should reach out to the dealers to learn about the additional cost.




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