Wondering How to Create a Low-Maintenance Modular Kitchen? Here Are The Tips

Wondering How to Create a Low-Maintenance Modular Kitchen? Here Are The Tips

Wondering How to Create a Low-Maintenance Modular Kitchen? Here Are The Tips

A modular kitchen is functional and absolutely chic; getting your kitchen work done in a modular kitchen would be a hassle-free affair if you plan it right. The kitchen is where you will be busy with meal preparation, cooking, and also washing the dishes later. But, the biggest task of all would be maintaining your modular kitchen to keep it clean and organized so that you can continue to enjoy a hassle free kitchen experience. Designing a low-maintenance modular kitchen in Chennai is not impossible. You just have to pay attention to certain details and here are some tips that might help you out. Check out what these are.


Tips to create a low-maintenance modular kitchen:


Be wise with colors:


In a kitchen you have to pay attention to every single detail when it comes to maintenance. If you opt for a color like white, beige, or, pastel shades you will have a hard time keeping it clean. The same goes for the backsplash, the cabinet and drawer color pallet. The kitchen color will get affected by the spicy and oily concoctions, and would eventually get dirty; therefore, choose your color pallet wisely and opt for something that would stand the test of time. If you really want everything to remain grease-free, and stain free then you should opt for a glossy finish, and paints that could be wiped clean without any hassle. This will make your modular kitchen design stay elegant for a long time.


Get the right kitchen chimney:


The kitchen chimney is a must if you want to create a low-maintenance modular kitchen in Kolkata. A kitchen will get dirty in no time once the regular cooking schedule commences. Every single day, your kitchen will be exposed to heat, food odor, grease, spice, oil, and what not. If you do not have a kitchen chimney to take care of it all then your kitchen will turn dirty. The food odor will linger in the air, and the surfaces of your cabinets and countertop will remain greasy. In order to prevent that you should opt for a kitchen chimney. The top modular kitchen brands partner with the best appliance brands, so you will have plethora of options available to you.  Select the one that fits your budget and requirement the best.


Plan the sink zone:


Cleaning your kitchen includes your sink as well. The kitchen sink is the place where you wash vegetables, and also your utensils, and plates. Therefore, the kitchen area is supposed to get dirty faster. You have to pay attention to the sink, and it would be better if you opt for ceramic, or, stainless steel versions. You should also clean the sink after every use. If you let the dirt pile up in your kitchen sink, and then you clean it once a week or, every alternate day it will get dirty and will get stained. Therefore, you should clean it after every use, at least run water through the sink, that way nothing will stay stuck in the corners. While planning a sink in your modular kitchen in Chennai, you should also install a small shelf over it where you can store the cleaning material, that way you can easily access them and keep things cleaner. Also make sure that your countertop and sink are at the same level. This way you can easily clean the countertop and slide the dirt into the sink and wash it off.


Be selective about the countertop material:


The kitchen countertop is basically the meal prep zone and this is where you chop vegetables, prepare spice mixes, and get other activities done. Therefore, you should design your countertop carefully. To make it low-maintenance and durable you must choose the material for it carefully while planning your modular kitchen in Kolkata. The marble, granite, laminate are good choices; talk to the modular kitchen dealers and learn about the non-porous materials for your countertop area. Also plan your kitchen countertop in a way that there are fewer grout lines for you to clean. You must also pick up materials that are resistant to stains.


Go for hassle-free storage options:


When it comes to a low-maintenance modular kitchen design, you should consider exploring options that will be easier to clean. The modular kitchen modules could easily be detached and assembled, that is why they are super easy to clean. When planning storage opt for cabinets, drawers that are free from any knobs and pulls and have a more streamlined design. This will make the cleaning easier. Also opting for a separate pantry unit will help you make your kitchen more clean and organized. You can opt for open shelves as well, as these will make things accessible and will be easier for you to clean them.


Conclusion:  These tips are meant to help you create the ideal low-maintenance modular kitchen in Chennai. Pay attention to the details, and opt for low-maintenance materials, and easy to clean design options. You will have a far easier time keeping your kitchen clean and organized.





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