Light Up Your Modular Kitchen Model: 6 Modern Kitchen Lighting Tips

Light Up Your Modular Kitchen Model: 6 Modern Kitchen Lighting Tips

Light Up Your Modular Kitchen Model: 6 Modern Kitchen Lighting Tips

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design, yet it is highly undervalued. However, in keeping with the changing concept of modern kitchen design, the kitchen lighting scheme is changing. A modern luxury kitchen design requires a flexible, layered, and strategically positioned lighting scheme.


The kitchen lights must be bright enough for you to carry out your tasks without any hassle. On the other hand, the kitchen lights should also enhance the aesthetics and set the mood.


Here are six modern kitchen lighting tips that you must check out.


Modern kitchen lighting tips: How to light up a kitchen?


Always prioritize natural light:


One of the key rules of modular kitchen lighting is to rely on natural lighting as much as possible. Natural lighting will open up the kitchen space and light up your kitchen space.


If you are creating your first-ever modular kitchen design, plan it in a way that enables you to install windows in your kitchen, along with skylights and glass doors. The natural light will fill the kitchen space, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.


In the absence of natural light due to the lack of windows, you need to install artificial light sources.


Install task lighting:


Kitchen functionality depends to a large extent on task lighting. It is required to illuminate the work areas in the kitchen, such as the sink, the cooktop, and the countertop area. Storage modules require task lighting to make the items more accessible.


Install task lighting and position it right above the task zones so that you can carry out all your tasks in bright light.  Strategic positioning of the task lighting in the luxury kitchen is crucial to ensure it does not create any shadows. Pay attention to the height of the light fixtures and maintain an ideal gap between the surface of the work zone and the light fixture.


Ambient lighting is a must: 


Illuminating your kitchen is essential to enhance its aesthetic and functionality. Ambient lighting refers to the general lighting in the kitchen area that illuminates the entire kitchen space.


There are multiple options available out there, but you should select your ambient lights carefully. The positioning, too, should be done to avoid any kind of shadow. The purpose of ambient lighting is to brighten up the kitchen space and open it up to create a welcoming vibe. The profile lights are a great choice for your kitchen, as they fit nicely with your luxury modular kitchen interior. You can also set the tone to warm or cool, as per your preference.


One more option to consider here would be recessed lighting. Especially if you entertain in your kitchen, you must invest in good recessed lighting.


Install accent lighting: 


Accent lighting is required in the kitchen purely to enhance its aesthetics. Accent lighting serves the purpose of illuminating a specific area in the kitchen and also for highlighting. If you have glass cabinets in the kitchen for displaying your finest crockery, you should install accent lighting to illuminate them.


You may choose to accent something else in the kitchen as well. If you have a kitchen island, install island accent lighting to create a focal point in the kitchen.


Now that we have covered the different types of lights that should be a part of your kitchen, let’s check out a couple of quick tips to make the most of your lighting scheme.


  •  Explore multiple options before selecting your lighting fixtures. You may select similar fixtures that complement your kitchen décor, or you may opt for unique styles that create a contrast.
  • Dimmers are a must because the dimmers allow you to set the tone in the kitchen and control the glare from the light. You need bright lights when performing tasks, but when you are entertaining your guests in the kitchen or, enjoying family dinner you need mellow light.
  • Instead of having a pendant light above the island or dining area, you may select other options like a chandelier.
  • Opt for energy-efficient products for your luxury kitchen to save the planet.


These kitchen lighting tips are meant to provide a general guideline, regarding kitchen lighting. However, keep your specific needs in mind before you go shopping. Your kitchen lighting should not be taken for granted and you should customize your kitchen lighting scheme as per your requirements.


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