What Criteria to Look For When Selecting a Modular Kitchen Brand In India?

What Criteria to Look For When Selecting a Modular Kitchen Brand In India?

What Criteria to Look For When Selecting a Modular Kitchen Brand In India

A modular kitchen is an ideal addition to any home; the functionality, versatile design, and ergonomic features of a modular kitchen make it a valuable choice for homeowners. Whether one is planning their first kitchen or renovating their old kitchen design, a modular kitchen is the best solution one may think of. Although a modular kitchen design is highly efficient, one may need to select the modular kitchen brand carefully.


The brand selection should not be a random choice. There are several criteria that one must pay attention to while sorting out modular kitchen brands. Let’s learn how to select a modular kitchen brand here.


How do you select a modular kitchen brand in India?


The selection of the right modular kitchen brand offers the best value for money and assures quality, durability, and trendy design. Therefore, one must take a measured approach and pay attention to certain pointers.


Research the brands:


Explore the market and learn about the best brands out there. Research these brands, explore their modular kitchen showrooms, and check out the latest modular kitchen designs on display. It may help to understand what a particular brand stands for and what the USP of each brand is. Explore customer testimonials, online reviews, and ratings to gauge the credibility and popularity of a particular brand. Visit a brand’s website to gain in-depth knowledge about their design process, quality assurance, and portfolio. Compare brands on different points to decide which one fits your budget and needs and also offers you the best value for money.


Quality of the product:


A modular kitchen must be made of good-quality materials. A modular kitchen must be durable, and a good brand that invests in the finest materials and superior craftsmanship can only promise durability. Conduct research to learn about the production process and materials of your shortlisted brand. The customer testimonials can shed light on the quality and durability of a modular kitchen brand. A modular kitchen has to undergo a lot of stress every day; therefore, it must be of high quality to withstand the daily hassles and remain in the same condition for years to come.

Hacker luxury modular kitchens are made with PUR-bonding technology that tropicalizes kitchens to protect them against moisture and steam.




Functionality is a key feature of modular kitchen design. While shortlisting a modular kitchen brand, explore their modular kitchen models. A good brand should offer ergonomic designs, functional features, and accessories that will help optimize a kitchen space and will offer smart storage solutions to meet the unique needs of the user. Functional modular kitchen design will enhance the workflow in the kitchen and also boost its efficiency.


Look for innovative storage module styles and accessories they have to offer. Opt for brands that offer smart accessories, flexible storage modules, and built-in appliances. Concealed storage has become a popular option now. Look for brands that offer concealed storage solutions.




The brand that you select should be able to customize the design and features for you. The functionality of a modular kitchen design will be enhanced if the design is tailor-made for the user. Each user has a unique kitchen usage pattern and requirement; hence, one size fits all would not work. The brand must customize the luxury kitchen design according to the usage pattern of the client to ensure it is functional and highly accessible for them.


A customized kitchen design enhances functionality and also enables the user to create a design that reflects their style.


Sustainable kitchen design:


It is time to make the right choice by opting for an eco-friendly kitchen. Check out brands that have embraced sustainable practices by investing in sustainable materials and technology to manufacture kitchens. A sustainable kitchen is beneficial for the planet and also for your home environment because such kitchens are free from toxic chemicals.


Hacker Kitchens is a sustainable modular kitchen brand that has embraced sustainability, and each of our modular kitchen model is made with sustainable materials. The wooden materials used for manufacturing Hacker kitchens are certified to meet CARB 2 standards for reduced formaldehyde.


Warranty and after-sales service:


Learn about the warranty and after-sales service a modular kitchen brand promises to provide. Go through their website to learn whether they provide a comprehensive warranty. Talk to the dealer to learn about the after-sales service the brand provides. If any issue arises post-installation, the brand must address it promptly.


Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you and help you select a brand that fits your needs and your budget. Conducting a thorough research will help you find the right brand for your kitchen. Always visit a brand showroom to explore modular kitchen models before you finalize a decision, and do not forget to customize your kitchen design.


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