Planning An Open Kitchen Design in Punjab? Here Are The Tips You Need

Planning An Open Kitchen Design in Punjab? Here Are The Tips You Need

Planning An Open Kitchen Design in Punjab Here Are The Tips You Need

An open kitchen layout can bring a refreshing change to the home. Traditionally, the kitchen, despite being the heart of the home, has always been a secluded room confined within four walls. However, with the evolution of modern kitchen design, users are more open to experimenting with kitchen design styles.


The open kitchen layout or design is taking the world by storm; the open kitchen concept removes the walls and merges the kitchen area with the dining and living rooms in the house. Although the open kitchen concept is an ideal solution for small apartments, it can also grace a spacious bungalow and transform into a luxury kitchen.


If you are currently planning an open kitchen design in Punjab, you may consider exploring the tips shared in the blog to create a stunning open kitchen design. Let’s begin.


How do you plan an open kitchen design in Punjab? Here are the tips:


Planning is essential:


An open kitchen concept should be meticulously planned. Do you want to merge your kitchen space with the living room area or the dining area? Do you want to create a half-open kitchen design, or is it going to be a completely open kitchen design?


The key to a functional open kitchen design lies in answering these questions. If the kitchen merges with the living room, the design would be different, and if it merges with the dining room, the design considerations would take a different route.


You should also know that an open modular kitchen will separate the kitchen zone from the area it is merging with. However, you may also keep the flow seamless, depending on your usage pattern.


Select a layout for the kitchen:


Since your open kitchen design in Punjab will not have any enclosures, you must utilize the available space by selecting the right layout for the kitchen. The L-shaped layout would work best for the open kitchen design.


The corner areas will not go to waste, and you can build sufficient storage modules. However, the single-wall kitchen layout would be another good option too. Always remember how you plan on using the kitchen, and how many cooks and helpers will operate in the kitchen, and select accordingly. Both designs would work well if you wanted to add a breakfast counter or an island.


Simplicity works best:


The open kitchen design should be free from any visual clutter. Even if your kitchen is vast, keeping things basic and modest might improve its visual appeal. If you look around the luxury modern kitchen designs, you will observe a minimalist design. Instead of selecting a dual-toned kitchen, you may choose a single-tone and let that rule the kitchen.


The modular kitchen cabinet design should flaunt a streamlined design and not contain any hardware. Select cabinets with the soft-closing system, as these are handier. Since it is an open kitchen design, it should match the rest of the home’s interior in terms of color, theme, and decor.


Add an island:


The open kitchen plan can always make room for an island, and if it is a spacious kitchen, you can install two kitchen islands. Depending on your requirements, you will design the island. You may use the island as a focal point or entertainment zone in your open kitchen design in Punjab. On the other hand, the island can provide additional countertop space and storage.


If you need additional meal prep space or cooking space, plan an island with a sink and built-in hob. The double-tiered kitchen island will offer countertop space, and it will also be the ideal serving zone. You may also opt for a breakfast bar.


Create a bright kitchen space:


A kitchen ought to have light, and having an open kitchen layout should eliminate any issues. Due to the absence of walls, the luxury modern kitchen design receives plenty of natural light. Install pendant lights and under-the-cabinet lighting to ensure your kitchen space is well-lit. You may also resort to strip lighting. If you are planning an all-white kitchen, you may consider installing colorful lighting fixtures to add pops of color.


These tips shared in this blog are meant to share a guideline that may help you create the perfect open kitchen design in Punjab. Customize your kitchen design to make it functional.


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