Small Modular Kitchen Design Mistakes That You Must Be Careful About

Small Modular Kitchen Design Mistakes That You Must Be Careful About


Planning a small kitchen is a big challenge, and those who have accomplished the task of designing a small kitchen they know how much calculation goes into the process. Opting for the modular kitchen concept can solve a lot of your issues, but to make your kitchen space highly efficient you have to get your small modular kitchen design right. While designing a small kitchen we often end up making mistakes that affect the kitchen functionality. Here some of the common mistakes have been mentioned, so that these could be avoided while planning a small modular kitchen. Let’s learn more.


Check out these small modular kitchen design mistakes:


Not selecting the right layout:


One of the big mistakes that one can make while designing a small modular kitchen would be to select the wrong layout. A layout would optimize the kitchen space and streamline the kitchen design, and for that you must select the ideal layout for your kitchen space. Explore all the layouts and figure out which one would suit your small modular kitchen in Chennai. Not all layouts would be suitable for your small kitchen space. If you end up selecting the U-shaped layout for the small kitchen space then you would end up with an enclosed kitchen space. Measure the kitchen space you have and keep your requirements in mind before you select a layout that is apt for the small modular kitchen.


No work-triangle:


Your kitchen functionality would be impacted if you do not implement the work-triangle rule in your small modular kitchen in Ahmedabad. The work-triangle ensures that there is enough space between the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooktop, this will help you move between these busy points without any hassle. If there is any blockage that would disrupt your kitchen activities, and your kitchen work would be tedious. You kitchen space might be small but all the main points of activity should be easily accessible. The kitchen might be small but it should be an absolutely hassle-free space. Therefore, do not ignore the work-triangle rule as it would be a mistake for you.


Lack of storage space:


Storage is an important aspect of a kitchen design. Even a big kitchen space needs to have adequate storage modules to keep everything organized otherwise, clutter would soon follow. The small modular kitchen design needs to be carefully planned by doing the right storage calculation. If you do not make room for all of your kitchen essentials, then you small kitchen space would be a mess. Since the kitchen does not have a lot of space to offer, you have to be innovative with your storage choice. You may consider skipping the overhead cabinets and instead of that opt for open shelves. Also you should check out the latest drawer styles that would take care of your storage needs in your small modular kitchen in Chennai.


Not having enough light and ventilation:


A small kitchen space would look stuffy and dark if there is no proper ventilation and if there is lack of light. This is another mistake you should avoid making; implement a lighting scheme consisting of ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting to make the kitchen space absolutely bright. A small kitchen if well-lit would look beautiful and spacious, and if you can hang mirrors on the walls then you can create an illusion of space there as well. Your small modular kitchen in Ahmedabad would become stuffy, and dirty if the kitchen is not ventilated well. You must install a good kitchen chimney to ensure that the kitchen stays dirt and oil-free.


Hiring a carpenter:


If you have a modular kitchen design in mind then you must not reach out to a carpenter to get your job done. If you want your modular kitchen to be absolutely efficient, then you should reach out to a top brand for modular kitchen. A carpenter will not be able to do justice to the kitchen design, and their lack of expertise would affect your kitchen efficiency. A modular kitchen must be skillfully designed, and when it comes to a small modular kitchen design only an established brand should be trusted, as your kitchen design would be completely customized. This would ensure that the kitchen would be highly efficient and functional.


Conclusion: Those were some of the common small modular kitchen design mistakes that you should be aware of. If you have a small kitchen to design then you have to avoid making these mistakes, to ensure your kitchen turns into an efficient space.


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