4 Flexible Layouts That You Must Try Out While Designing Your Modern Indian Kitchen

4 Flexible Layouts That You Must Try Out While Designing Your Modern Indian Kitchen

4 Flexible Layouts That You Must Try Out While Designing Your Modern Indian Kitchen

The modern Indian kitchen is a smarter version of kitchen design that makes it an elegant and a highly functional unit in your home. It is the place where you would love to receive guests and even serve your friends and family the delicacies you are preparing. A luxury kitchen has to be functional with smart storage options being available, and the whole kitchen space is optimized with the right layout. The kitchen layout is an important element in the modern Indian kitchen design. But there are many layouts available, how do you select the right one? Here is a guide that discusses 4 flexible layouts that would fit diverse kitchen requirements. So, let’s learn what these are here.


4 flexible layouts for a modern Indian kitchen:


When it comes to finalizing a modern kitchen layout, you should learn about the kitchen layouts that are around. These layouts are-


The L-shaped layout, the one wall kitchen layout, the parallel modular kitchen design, the U-shaped layout, the island kitchen layout, the peninsula kitchen layout. Now each of these layouts has their own set of pros and cons and that is the reason these layouts should be selected carefully. Below 4 flexible layouts are discussed which would be perfect for any kind of luxury kitchen design. Let’s have a look-


The one wall kitchen layout:


This is one of the simplest kitchen layouts available out there. This latest modular kitchen design fits the kitchens that are small; all the kitchen units are arranged across one wall and it is no doubt a compact layout. There are no corner cabinets or, drawers, but being a highly flexible layout it would fit a small modular kitchen design as well as a big kitchen simultaneously. In a medium or, in a big kitchen space there are so many different things that you can try out. You can install a kitchen island to be used as the second work station and storage, or, you can implement a double-tiered kitchen island that would also double up as the serving counter. The work triangle could be easily implemented if your modular kitchen in Chennai has this layout, and the overhead cabinets, open shelves could be installed to make room for more storage. If on the other hand, your kitchen space has an open layout, and is small you should most definitely try out the one wall layout, as it would not take up a lot of space, and will serve you just right. You can try out this layout to optimize your kitchen space, give it a compact look, and also allow you to be versatile with your modular kitchen design.


The L-shaped kitchen layout:


One of the commonest and most popular layout is the L-shaped layout which suits different kitchen formats. This is an ideal layout for the kitchens that have corner areas which need to be utilized, the layout suits small to medium sized Indian kitchen design, and it would be an ideal fit for an open kitchen space as well. The layout takes up two adjacent walls and the counters, and other units are integrated into the layout accordingly. The implementation of the work triangle is easier, and the work flow is never interrupted. Furthermore, it could be experimented with as per your need. A kitchen island too could be installed when you have the L-shaped layout. The kitchen corners would be utilized with corner storage modules. This layout is so flexible that it would suit kitchens of varying sizes, and requirements. Creating different zones in the small modular kitchen design would be easier with this layout.


The galley kitchen or, the parallel kitchen layout:


The next layout on this list would be the galley kitchen layout or, the parallel kitchen design. This layout is another popular layout and preferred for being a versatile and easily customizable option. In this layout two kitchen counters run parallel to each other and there are no corner spaces. This layout would work best for kitchens where there are no corner areas, and there are doors and windows on one end, and the space is narrow. The parallel kitchen layout could be customized according to your requirement. You can have a long kitchen countertop, and also the right number of kitchen storage units; you can reserve just one side of the kitchen unit for storage purposes if need be. If you leave the right amount of space in-between these units then you can even create two separate work stations so that two cooks can use the kitchen space without bumping into one another. This layout would indeed be ideal for an Indian kitchen design.


The peninsula kitchen layout:


The peninsula kitchen layout is a unique layout that is quite a popular layout for the kitchen users. The layout would be absolutely perfect for a busy kitchen and is the perfect alternative to having the kitchen island. The peninsula is a kitchen island like unit that is attached to the L-shaped kitchen and it extends the kitchen layout in a way that it transforms the modern kitchen design. The peninsula could be used for serving food, and you can use the surface as your meal-prep area as well. The kitchen peninsula could also be used for additional storage space. This layout would be absolutely perfect for your modular kitchen in Chennai. You can plan the layout in accordance with your kitchen space and also your requirement.


Conclusion: These above mentioned kitchen layouts are flexible and would suit different kitchen spaces. However, before selecting a layout you have to keep your specific requirements in mind, so that you can select the perfect layout for your kitchen space and it would be optimized as well.


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