These Storage Solutions Will Be Perfect For Your Indian Kitchen Design

These Storage Solutions Will Be Perfect For Your Indian Kitchen Design

These Storage Solutions Will Be Perfect For Your Indian Kitchen Design

Storage is an important aspect of any kitchen design, and in a busy Indian kitchen the storage would be a primary requirement. A well-planned kitchen will have the right storage modules that would take care of the storage requirements of the kitchen user. The Indian kitchen is busy and has many kitchen essentials, including utensils, and also grocery essentials, and what not. Therefore, an Indian kitchen design will always have the requirement of an adequate number of storage modules. Here we have put together some storage solutions that would be a perfect fit for your Indian kitchen design. Let’s start.


Storage solutions for your Indian kitchen design:


Create a storage zone:


This might seem like an offbeat idea but it will take care of your storage woes in a jiffy. The kitchen must have clearly demarcated zones according to the activities performed there. Therefore, it is a good idea to create a storage zone so that it would be separate from all other activities taking place. It will help you keep your items neatly stored and most importantly you will have a far easier time accessing your kitchen essentials.  You can check the latest modular kitchen models to understand how this zoning should take place. You need to install the right storage modules like the drawers, the cabinets in this specific zone, and this way you can keep everything organized, and accessible.  Also do not forget to position this storage zone right next to the meal prep zone and cooking zone. This way, your kitchen work would become easier.


Make room for a pantry unit:


If you are worried about the storage situation in your kitchen then you should start thinking about having a separate pantry unit. Even if you are getting a modular kitchen in Delhi, you should create a pantry unit. The practice of storing grocery items in cabinets would not work, because it would make the items less accessible and the cabinets would become messy. The idea here is to keep the grocery items neatly stored and sorted in a separate pantry section. Depending upon the space you have in the kitchen select the pantry unit design. It could be just shelves with doors, or, you might choose a more sophisticated design. You can also choose the tall units if you have a small kitchen. No matter which design you choose to opt for your Indian kitchen design, you should make room for your grocery. There should be separate sections for different items such as one section for the spices, one for the grains, and so on and so forth. This will not only solve your storage issue, but will also make everything more accessible and lessen your workload.


Install accessories:


One great way to make your kitchen storage is more functional is by installing the right accessories. If you have the corner cabinets, then you should install carousel units that would help you store the less used items yet make them accessible. On the other hand, you should also install bottle pull-outs, under- sink units, pull-out baskets to ensure that you have sufficient space to store the essentials. All of these units would take care of your storage. You should check out the modular kitchen models to understand how these accessories work and which ones would be ideal for your kitchen.


Think different:


To make your Indian kitchen efficient in terms of storage, you should consider exploring different storage options. If you have cabinets, and yet you need to make room for your kitchen essentials, having open shelves in the kitchen would work better for you.  You can install one big open shelf or, a set of three shelves instead of the overhead cabinets in your modular kitchen in Delhi. You can also install a pegboard back splash or, hanging racks to make room for items that you do not want to put in the cabinets. These offbeat storage solutions would not only solve your storage problems, but will also make these items more accessible.


Conclusion: Those were a couple of ideas that you should try out while planning storage in your Indian kitchen design. Always calculate your storage needs first, and measure your kitchen space before you install storage modules in the kitchen. Be innovative, and explore the latest storage solutions available before you finalizing yours.


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