What Are The Benefits of Having Open Shelving in Your Modular Kitchen?

What Are The Benefits of Having Open Shelving in Your Modular Kitchen?

What Are The Benefits of Having Open Shelving in Your Modular Kitchen?

The kitchen design trends keep on changing. Sometimes trends disappear after a while, but sometimes trends stay on for years and become a part of the modern kitchen design. The open shelving is one such a trend that has become a part of the modern kitchen design now. Although the shelf designs keep on changing from one kitchen to the other, the concept has certainly caught on. The modular kitchen designs too now flaunt this feature proudly. So, if you are planning on getting a modular kitchen in Indore, you should consider including the open shelves. Here are the benefits of open shelving that you should be aware of.


Learn about the benefits of having open shelving:


More storage options:


The kitchen requires adequate storage, the lack of proper storage leads to chaos and clutter. Sometimes it might not be even possible to build cabinets and drawers because of space issues. The best solution can be found in a situation like this in the open shelving. The open shelves could be of any length, size, and you might install just one or, a couple of them to mitigate your storage woes. The shelves are more accessible, and you can store those extra items you can’t find a space for. You can put your dishes, and your spice jars, your cookbooks on the shelves. You can install a small one just over the cooktop containing the spice jars. The open shelves are versatile and they offer you the best storage solutions. Approach the modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai to learn about this feature.


Maintenance is easy:


When you have overhead cabinets, maintenance becomes an issue. You have to reach inside the cabinets to get the corners clean, and keep it free from dust and also dirt. But when you have open shelves these are easier to clean and since you would be using them a lot more than you would your cabinets, you do not have to worry about accumulation of dirt or, dust. There are no corners that you have to worry about cleaning. You can simply clean the shelves everyday by just wiping it. Talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi to learn about the different design solutions available.


The shelves are easier on your pocket:


Building storage units would be a costly affair even if you have the space for it. The open shelves on the other hand are not only space savers but they are also going to be easier on your pocket. The open shelves are truly the economical choices that you look for when you design your modular kitchen in Indore. These are sturdy, give you the ideal storage option but these do not cost much. You can add one to your kitchen or, you can choose to have multiple small ones installed instead. However, the cost would be much less than installing new cabinets, and so would be the hassle.


Works wonder for small kitchens:


The small kitchens have space issues therefore they require solutions that would be efficient, but would not be too space consuming. Having too many base cabinets or, overhead cabinets in a small kitchen would make the space look more crowded than ever. But when you have the open shelves to work with you can easily solve the space issue. You can install small shelves in the corner of the kitchen and you can put the necessary items that you wish to keep there. The shelves will only take up the two adjacent walls, and since there won’t be any door, the shelves will be easy to work with.  You can also skip on a couple of cabinets and instead install open shelves around the kitchen, you can even stack them in rows. You should discuss with the modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai, to learn about these shelves.


Great for displaying your cherished items:


The open shelving can truly change the décor of your modular kitchen. More often than not we would like to display precious décor pieces, exclusive cutlery, and other things that we love. The glass cabinets do help in displaying the items, but the kitchen shelves truly add a new dimension to that. With the shelves you can display anything you want. You can put small plants, décor pieces, vases on them. You can also display and store your cookbook collection; it would be in fact quite handy to have your precious recipes nearby. The shelves are just perfect for displaying your finest crockery sets. Contact the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, to understand how to take advantage of the open shelves.


Accessing items would be a breeze:


During meal preparations you need to access a lot of items, and when these items are stowed in the cabinets sometimes locating them becomes a problem unless they are in a glass cabinet. However, when it comes to locating the items you should consider having the open shelves. The open shelves will make it easier for you to access anything you need. For example, if you are going to put the spice jars on the shelves, you would find it easier to locate the spice jars in a hurry. You can also access crockery in a hurry. In your modular kitchen in Indore you should consider installing these shelves.


Conclusion:  The open shelves do come with many benefits and one should consider the different open shelf options available. The spacing between the shelves is important and therefore, you must get the measurement right before you install them.


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