6 reasons why you should plan an island modular kitchen

6 reasons why you should plan an island modular kitchen

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The island modular kitchen is one of the popular styles that are now trending. The modular kitchen is already known for its perfect blend of functionality and style, and when it comes to the island layout this combination reaches an all new height. If the kitchen area is big, and the owner wants to invest in a modular kitchen, then having an island kitchen makes sense. This is because of the fact that an island kitchen layout is luxurious, and not to mention contributes to increasing the kitchen functionality. In fact, there are many reasons why an island modular kitchen could be a great choice, we have listed down a couple of them here. Let’s check these out before you start approaching the modular kitchen companies.


Why should you have an island modular kitchen ?


The kitchen island has multiple usage:


There is no denying the fact that the kitchen island is one versatile element that can enhance the functionality and the aesthetic value of your kitchen. A kitchen island could be so many things, it might turn into your extra countertop which is definitely going to be a blessing for you especially if you have a small countertop area, or, a busy kitchen where more than one cook participate in meal preparation. You can easily make room for a sink, meal prep area and even another cooktop, and you have a highly functional kitchen.


Do not need any extra countertop? Have a small kitchen? Still having an island can help you create a dining area that is so intimate as it is in the ambit of the kitchen. You can serve meals, could chat with guests, while something is simmering or, being baked you can wait by reading your book while enjoying a cup of coffee and place both on the kitchen island. See how many versatile usage it offers! Learn about this layout while you look for modular kitchen price in Mumbai.


You can have storage space:


The storage is an essential requirement in the kitchen, it is needless to point it out. This need is met by the cabinets, as well as by the drawers, shelves, tall-units, but what if you do not want your cabinets to crowd the workstation in your kitchen? You can shift the cabinets to the island, it would be separate from where the main action takes place and all the hustle-bustle happens. You can place the island in the middle and you can easily take out the items you need from the cabinets built underneath. You can also use the surface for placing you small kitchen appliances, the food processors and other items. If you want to run the small appliances then make sure there is the right electric outlet around. If you are interested in this concept then explore the designs of kitchen cabinets in India, before you finalize the design.


You have the triangle:


The golden rule of the kitchen design is that there should be the work triangle. The distance between the elements namely the sink, the fridge and the cooktop should be such that you can move from one unit to the next in a hassle-free way. Whether you decide to place the sink on the island surface, or, the cooktop or, both and place the refrigerator on the other side, you can experience an easy workflow. This will especially work in a kitchen that has a straight-line layout or, even the L-shaped layout. Even with an U-shaped kitchen this should work just fine, you can experiment with the placement of the elements to enhance the functionality of your kitchen in your way. Make sure that you have the plumbing and electrical outlets that are going to support your layout.


Adds to the kitchen aesthetics:


A modern kitchen is stylish, it is elegant along with being functional. The kitchen aesthetics is definitely going to occupy a prominent place in the kitchen design plan. An island can completely uplift your kitchen style. To begin with from the aesthetic angle, the kitchen island is the versatile element. There are so many variations available and you can also experiment with the material as well. You can opt for a marble island which can completely change the look of the kitchen and add a luxurious touch to it, especially an all white kitchen island in the middle can be stunning, if you are building cabinets you can choose smart designs available for kitchen cabinets in India. You can also choose the elegance of the wood, or, contrasting colors. Be innovative with its design to make it an island with shelves to place some kitchen knickknacks. The choice is yours. Before you reach out to the modular kitchen companies, come up with a design plan.


A place for the appliances:


If your kitchen is an open plan kitchen with a straight-line or, an L-shaped layout, you might not want to crowd the kitchen area with too many elements. All the storage modules, sink, appliances all on the same side might give you a crowded vibe. You can surely solve the issue with the island modular kitchen layout. It is so simple, a cleverly designed island in the middle can serve as your extra dining area with stools, and you can shift some of the appliances there. The island could come with the built in dishwasher, oven, cooktop, this way you not only shift some of the appliances to the other side and achieve a aesthetic balance, but you also shift your kitchen work to the side. This would certainly enhance the efficiency of the kitchen area and make it right.


Versatile in terms of design:


If you are feeling tempted by the usage of the kitchen island but you are not too sure, then here is the reason you are going to love it. The kitchen island does not always have to a big square taking up a lot of space, the islands could be really versatile in terms of designs and style. If you do not want a rectangle sitting in the middle of the kitchen then opt for the oval shape and you can easily create a simple dining nook for your family and you can sit there while cooking to take a break. When you want to make a statement with an island and want this to be functional as well, you should design an U shaped island which would come complete with cabinets and you can easily install a sink on one side, and leave the other side for meal preparation, and the middle section can have the cooktop. To enhance aesthetics and add value to the whole kitchen a double-tiered island would be perfect. It could be a workstation and serving area. Talk to the modular kitchen companies, to learn about options.


The above mentioned 6 reasons do point at the fact that, the island modular kitchen is the ultimate brilliant solution that you have been hoping to get. Being versatile in terms of functionality and design definitely make this layout absolutely ideal for any kitchen. Do your research, find out about modular kitchen price in Mumbai, the customization options, before you take the final step.



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