Planning a Modern Kitchen Renovation? Avoid Making These 5 Big Mistakes

Planning a Modern Kitchen Renovation? Avoid Making These 5 Big Mistakes

Planning a Modern Kitchen Renovation? Avoid Making These 5 Big Mistakes

A modern kitchen renovation project should never be taken lightly; a carefully planned and executed renovation project can enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics, and functionality. There are several aspects to be taken care of to ensure that your kitchen is efficiently renovated and has become better than its previous version.


However, sometimes homeowners skip the planning part and thus end up making mistakes during the process, which ruin the project.


If you are currently considering renovating your modern kitchen design, check out this guide below that lists 5 big mistakes you must avoid making during your modern kitchen renovation. Without any further ado, let’s begin.


Modern kitchen renovation: Avoid making these 5 mistakes


  1. Underestimating planning:


Renovation projects are costly, and a kitchen renovation project would not be an exception. A kitchen renovation project must be planned meticulously. If you go about it casually, it may hamper the project. You must get in touch with the professionals in your area and get quotes. They can guide you regarding the cost that you may expect. However, you should extend your limit a bit and be prepared for unforeseen expenses that may crop up during the process.


Plan the project by consulting with the professionals; list the problems you are facing now and discuss how you want to address those issues. The renovation experts or contractors have the expertise and experience to handle the project efficiently. They will also offer you an estimate regarding your budget. You may also consider exploring modular kitchen ideas and opting for a modular kitchen.


  1. Do not prioritize aesthetics:


More often than not, homeowners either solely focus on updating the kitchen aesthetics or prioritize kitchen aesthetics as they renovate a kitchen. You may have been checking the latest kitchen designs, colors, and layouts that are trending. But your kitchen design should not follow any trend; it should reflect your style, and for that, you must take a pragmatic approach.


A kitchen should look beautiful and clean, but it should be functional first. After all, your kitchen is a functional space, and it should be designed in a way that improves the workflow in the kitchen. Explore the latest modular kitchen designs and find the inspiration you need to transform your existing kitchen.


 Introduce changes that would enhance the kitchen functionality rather than merely the kitchen aesthetics.


  1. Do not ever ignore storage!


Ignoring storage is a mistake that will affect your kitchen functionality, whether you are planning a new kitchen or renovating one. The kitchen storage requirement changes with time. The lifestyle changes, the family grows, and you shop for new items. Therefore, during your kitchen renovation, you must rethink your storage requirements.


A luxury modern kitchen design must be clutter-free, and that can only be possible when you make room for every item in your kitchen. Do not limit your calculations to only the utensils, and tools you have. You should make room for the groceries that you store, your small appliances, cookbooks, etc.


Add open shelves to make room for the books, plants, décor pieces, or even the utensils you use every day. Install a small drawer for small kitchen appliances and gadgets.

The inclusion of a tall unit can fulfill your grocery storage needs.


  1. Do not ignore the lighting:


Don’t overlook the kitchen lights during renovations since they have an impact on kitchen functionality.  If your present modern kitchen design has shadows or if the corner sections are not well-lit, you must reconsider the lighting strategy.


Since modern kitchens are multifunctional spaces, you cannot settle for any one type of lighting. Layer ambient, accent, and task lighting to illuminate every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Task lighting will illuminate your task zones, helping you carry out your tasks effortlessly.


  1. Never ignore the workflow:


If there are obstacles in your current kitchen design, you must optimize the current layout to make workflow easier. If you ignore the workflow during renovation, your luxury modern kitchen design will never become efficient. No matter how much money you spend, you will still face problems accessing items, and moving between zones.


Change the existing layout, if need be, measure your kitchen carefully, and plan the placement of different elements in a way that they seamlessly interact with each other rather than causing friction.


Avoid making any of these mistakes while renovating your modern kitchen design. Do not feel overwhelmed, and do not take a random approach. Seek professional guidance and recreate your kitchen, infusing it with functional features and beautiful design elements.


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