These 6 Factors That Are Affecting Your Indian Kitchen Functionality: Are You Aware Of Them?

These 6 Factors That Are Affecting Your Indian Kitchen Functionality: Are You Aware Of Them?

These 6 Factors That Are Affecting Your Indian Kitchen Functionality: Are You Aware Of Them?

While designing a kitchen, functionality often takes the backseat and the kitchen aesthetics gains prominence. However, one must pay attention to the kitchen functionality, and be careful about the factors that affect the functionality of an Indian kitchen design. Being aware of these aspects will help you plan your kitchen systematically. Create a kitchen that is highly functional so that your every day kitchen work becomes a breeze. Here 6 such factors have been discussed that can affect the kitchen functionality, read on to find out what these factors are.


6 factors that affect Indian kitchen functionality:


The kitchen layout:


The kitchen layout is an important kitchen design element that can make or, break a design. The purpose of a layout is to optimize the kitchen space available, and that would ensure that not a single inch in your kitchen space is getting wasted. If you end up selecting a layout randomly, that would affect your kitchen functionality and getting around in the kitchen, and keeping things stored will be a problem. Therefore, while designing a modern kitchen in India, you should always pay attention to the amount of space you have, and what your kitchen usage pattern is like. This way you can decide what layout should be ideal for you. For example, in a kitchen that has corner areas, the L-shaped layout will be absolutely perfect, but if you choose a parallel layout for such a kitchen, the space will go to waste.

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The kitchen storage:


When you design a kitchen, the storage plays a significant role. If you neglect the storage and randomly design it, then your kitchen will become a messy place sooner than you think. It is best to opt for a readymade modular kitchen as the storage optimization will be absolutely ideal. However, you can also make your regular kitchen functional by implementing the right storage solutions. Calculate the amount of storage you need for your food items, kitchen accessories, utensils, and appliances; this will help you understand the number of cabinets and drawers, shelves you require. But having sufficient number of storage modules is not enough; you also need to figure out the correct placement of these modules. This will ensure that you can access anything you are looking for pretty fast. Everything will be organized and will be in its place.


The kitchen work triangle:


When it comes to designing a modern kitchen in India, the kitchen work triangle is an aspect that should never be ignored. One may think that it is not required, but implementing the kitchen triangle is important for your kitchen’s functionality. According to the kitchen design experts the kitchen triangle is a must, as it places the three vital sections in perfect alignment with each other. While placing your refrigerator, sink, and cooktop in your Indian kitchen design, make sure that you are aware of the kitchen triangle rule and you are implementing it. The implementation of the kitchen triangle rule will enhance the workflow in the kitchen.


The kitchen lighting scheme:


The kitchen should be a brightly lit space in your home. Usually the kitchen lighting is taken for granted and we only place a single source of light in our kitchens. It not only affects the kitchen functionality, but it also affects kitchen aesthetics.  Therefore, pay attention to the lighting scheme you have in your kitchen. Check out the readymade modular kitchen models and study the lighting scheme implemented. Talk to an expert for guidance if needed, and then implement the kitchen lighting scheme.  Explore the latest lighting fixtures to select the right fixtures for your kitchen. Task lighting must be placed above the sink area, under the cabinets, and inside the cabinets if needed. A well-lit kitchen is a functional kitchen.


The kitchen ventilation:


If your kitchen is a place that always smells bad, it is an indicator that it is not well-ventilated. Kitchen ventilation is important and therefore, you have to install a kitchen chimney to make your Indian kitchen design efficient. Without ventilation your kitchen will get dirty, and the kitchen countertop, and cabinet door surfaces will be absolutely greasy. If your kitchen is well ventilated then you can expect your kitchen to be a healthy space and it will also be durable.


The kitchen zones:


The kitchen is a place where multiple activities take place. Therefore, in your Indian kitchen design there should be separate zones where different activities take place. To be precise there should be a cooking zone, cleaning zone, storage zone, and also a meal-prep zone. If there is no such demarcation in the kitchen, the functionality is bound to get affected by it. In order to avoid a messy kitchen space you should create distinct zones in the kitchen and plan each zone accordingly.


Conclusion: These 6 factors should be kept in mind while planning or, renovating your Indian kitchen. Always keep in mind that a kitchen must have a functional design. If you are having trouble planning your kitchen then take professional help or, visit a modular kitchen showroom near you.





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