The Grid Architects Story: Creating Sustainable Modular Kitchens In Ahmedabad With Haecker

The Grid Architects Story: Creating Sustainable Modular Kitchens In Ahmedabad With Haecker

The Grid Architects Story: Creating Sustainable Modular Kitchens In Ahmedabad With Haecker

Ahmedabad is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in India. This former Gujrat capital is a hub for Industrial and textile activities. The city is a stark blend of tradition and modernity, its rich past has a magnanimous presence in the cityscape. Being the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage City, Ahmedabad has so much to offer.


It is a city of food lovers and people here love to cook large meals in their spacious kitchens. The people here prefer the contemporary kitchen design style, and modern kitchen design. We have our showroom in the city; we have been designing tailor-made modular kitchens in Ahmedabad we have also been collaborating with the city’s top architects.


We enjoy partnering with firms who share our core values as it makes the collaboration more meaningful. The Grid Architects, a firm that also believes in creating sustainable modular kitchen design has partnered with us for many projects in Ahmedabad. We recently had a chat with them and discussed kitchen design trends, sustainable kitchen designs, and more.


Sustainable modular kitchens in Ahmedabad: The Grid Architects


The reputed architecture firm in Ahmedabad, The Grid Architects was established in 2002 and is run by Architects Snehal & Bhadri Suthar.  They both enjoy their journey as architects and they feel inspired and motivated to create amazing designs every day. To architect Snehal Suthar it is a ‘spiritual journey’.


Architect Bhadri Suthar takes us further into their journey and shares the design philosophy they have been following at their firm. She explains – ‘Sustainability is our core strength’ and as architects, they have adopted a practice that is inspired by the features of the ‘biophilic’ design.  The biophilic design approach is unique and it is all about establishing a connection between the homeowners and nature. In this design approach stress is put on using natural elements such as natural light.


We cannot stress enough that sustainable kitchen   design practices are a must for protecting the environment, At the Haecker Kitchens, we have adopted sustainable kitchen manufacturing practices; from the production phase to the packaging we follow sustainable practices at every step of the modular kitchen design process. We are a carbon-neutral company and our production process has also been certified.


Our collaboration with The Grid Architects reaches a whole new level as together we design environmentally friendly kitchens.



Architect Snehal Suthar prefers creating designs that center around concepts of simplicity and clarity. They use natural materials, recycled and sustainable materials for their projects. For creating a sustainable kitchen design one much focus on such natural materials that are safe for the environment and also are durable.


Architect Bhadri Suthar Further takes us through their journey and shares their experience of designing inspiring architecture in Ahmedabad, which she describes as a ‘mecca of architecture’. The people here are aware of architecture and design trends, and they take a different approach to architecture. They have a clear idea regarding what they require.


What is the Indian kitchen design trend in Ahmedabad?


Architect Bhadri Suthar explains that despite being a mega city, it takes a balanced approach to modern kitchen design. They have partnered with Haecker Kitchens for many projects, and according to architect Bhadri Suthar, it has been a fruitful journey.


Architect Snehal Suthar stresses the fact that Haecker Kitchens despite being a global brand has been able to understand Indian kitchen design needs by paying keen attention to Indian culture and traditions.  He calls it ‘phenomenal’.  He also stresses that Haecker Kitchens understands the requirement of the end-user and designs accordingly. This approach toward kitchen design encourages him to continue his journey with Haecker Kitchens.


We at Haecker Kitchens are always there to cater to every need of kitchen users. Bhadri Suthar explains that she thinks everybody aspires to have a Haecker kitchen and to her Haecker kitchens are ‘seamless’. She loves it when her clients are happy, and they love working with Haecker to build modular kitchens in Ahmedabad.


Architect Snehal Suthar shares that working with Haecker kitchens is always an ‘a hassle-free experience for architects’.


He also has some valuable tips to share for a functional Indian kitchen design-


  • Keep your kitchen clutter-free
  • Bring in more natural light


The Grid Architects loved the journey that we have had together and we have much to look forward to.


At Haecker Kitchens, we are always setting high standards for excellence. Being the trusted modular kitchen manufacturer in India, we continue to create designs that meet Indian kitchen design needs. We uphold our sustainability practices and we continue to create environmentally friendly kitchens.


Learn about our sustainability practices here-

Sustainable kitchen design is the need of the hour: here’s how haecker kitchens is setting sustainability standards


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