Can robust German modular kitchens be user-friendly too? #MyHäckerStory: Neera Gulati

Can robust German modular kitchens be user-friendly too? #MyHäckerStory: Neera Gulati

Can robust German modular kitchens be user-friendly too? #MyHäckerStory: Neera Gulati

Kitchen design is never a simple task; a modern kitchen design must be functional, aesthetic, and most importantly, a comfortable place to work in for the end-user. As a globally trusted German modular kitchen brand, we design and deliver well-engineered kitchens that are robust in design, tailor-made, and functional. We promise quality and durability, but can German modular kitchens be user-friendly too? Let’s learn from Mrs. Neera Gulati in this edition of #MyHäckerStory.


German modular kitchens: the perfect blend of functionality and comfort


Mr. & Mrs. Gulati both love to cook and despite there being staff around to take care of cooking, they both enjoy going into their luxury kitchen and cooking. Mrs. Neera Gulati, an interior designer by profession with three decades of work experience, had moved into their home three years ago. She elaborates that- ‘kitchen to her means the home’. They both look for comfort while working in the kitchen.


She insists that the kitchen has to be a comfortable space to work in for them and also for their kitchen staff. When they approached Hacker Kitchens, they did so with the clear vision that the kitchen must be a comfortable space.


Why did they choose Hacker Kitchens to design their kitchen interiors in Bangalore?


She put her trust in the brand, as Hacker is a German modular kitchen brand, and according to Mrs. Gulati, they deliver the best German modular kitchens. Our brand is known and trusted for the superior German precision engineering that promises durability and quality. The meticulous detailing of Hacker modular kitchens makes them an asset for your home.


The unmatched quality, premium materials, and bespoke design of Hacker luxury modern kitchen designs make them ideal for the Indian kitchen space. We create modular kitchens that prioritize convenience and functionality for the end-user, ensuring their comfort. Mr. & Mrs. Gulati chose Hacker for their home as the brand promised the comfort they were seeking.


What does she love most about her luxury modular kitchen in Bangalore?


Mrs. Neera Gulati opted for Bali & Silver Grey Oak from Hacker. There is an island at the center of the kitchen that graces the modern kitchen design, and it is her favorite part of the kitchen. The kitchen island is the hub of all activities in the kitchen. The island is the centerpiece of her kitchen and serves as the hub of the kitchen layout. Mrs. Gulati placed an island in the middle of the kitchen and rotated the layout around it.


The kitchen island enhances the aesthetics of her modular kitchen interiors in Bangalore as well as their functionality. It provides her with the space where everything sits on and offers her the comfort she seeks as she works in the kitchen.


She explains how we customized her kitchen, ensuring every appliance and tool has a designated place. She gushes about the functionality of her kitchen design and how every time she goes into the kitchen to cook, she loves the experience. Every feature in the kitchen is positioned optimally, ensuring that the kitchen becomes the most efficient space for her.

At Hacker Kitchens, we prioritize modular kitchen functionality and user comfort above everything else in the kitchen. We keep innovating our modular kitchen designs by adding intelligent features such as flexible cutlery inserts, separation sticks, handleless drawers, and drawer dividers. You can learn about our intelligent kitchen features here:


Our company creates customized kitchen designs to meet unique needs and preferences. Our goal is to optimize the functionality of the kitchen space, ensuring that it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It ensures that the modular kitchen turns into an intimate space for the user. A kitchen must reflect the personal style of the user and be designed according to their usage pattern.


She concludes by stating that the brand can provide the desired level of comfort for personal designs.


With that, this edition of #MyHäckerStory ends. Mrs. Gulati is very happy with her Hacker modular kitchen and loves the functionality and comfort of the tailor-made luxury kitchen design. We are delighted when our clients remain in love with their kitchen designs even after years of use.


We design tropicalized kitchens that are specifically suited for the Indian climate and remain durable despite humidity, heat, and steam. Visit a Hacker Kitchens showroom and learn about the latest modular kitchen designs and prices.





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