#MyHäckerStory – Nupur Sharma: A spacious modular kitchen is a must for an Indian home!

#MyHäckerStory – Nupur Sharma: A spacious modular kitchen is a must for an Indian home!

#MyHäckerStory - Nupur Sharma A spacious modular kitchen is a must for an Indian home!

If you are looking to design a spectacular kitchen that is high on functionality and is tailor-made to your taste and needs, Hacker Kitchens is your destination.  We are always researching to create innovative designs, and we power them up with German engineering.


We started our Indian journey with the motivation to create modular kitchen designs that would be perfect for the Indian climate and Indian homes.


We have been successfully bringing the kitchen design aspirations of Indian users to life. In our #MyHäckerStory, you can meet our clients who are happy with their Hacker modular kitchens.


Today we will introduce you to Nupur Sharma from Jaipur. Let’s explore her stunning Hacker Kitchen model- Cristall: Carbon Metallic High Gloss Lacquer.


A spacious modular kitchen design in Jaipur: Nupur Sharma


Mrs. Nupur Sharma welcomed us to her lovely home in Jaipur and gave us a tour of her gleaming luxury kitchen, which is spacious and bright. A modular kitchen design is always tailor-made for the kitchen user; if space is scarce, we have to optimize every square inch to create an ideal small modular kitchen design that enhances kitchen functionality.


In Jaipur, we have always been given plenty of space to work with. Creating a modern kitchen design for Nupur Sharma and her family was a delight. They wanted a spacious kitchen. Here’s what she had to share:


What made her choose Hacker Kitchens?


When they decided to build a modular kitchen, they visited the Hacker Kitchens showroom in Jaipur. They explored the latest modular kitchen models and the appliances that we offer. They visited the modular kitchen showroom to explore the modular kitchen designs and found a model that met their needs.


What was their requirement?


Nupur Sharma and her family were looking for a luxury kitchen design that would be spacious. They have a joint family structure and wanted a kitchen design where two or more female members could work together. The kitchen had to be spacious enough to accommodate multiple cooks.


 The usage pattern of a modular kitchen influences its design. Designing a modular kitchen where more than one cook will operate will take strategizing. There are joint-family homes where more than one person operate the space, sometimes it is the cook and two helpers who use the kitchen space simultaneously.


Selecting the right layout assumes greater significance; the layout must streamline the workflow so that the cooks do not feel obstructed while working in the kitchen. The counter space must be spacious, and the modular kitchen cabinets must be spaced out in such a way that the cooks can move around the kitchen without bumping into anything. The kitchen should not feel enclosed; rather, it should exude an open vibe.


For Nupur Sharma, we decided to opt for a peninsula layout for her kitchen space. We have put the hob and chimney in the center, and we have also spaced out the meal prep zone, cleaning zone, and cooking zone in a way that facilitates the workflow.


What does she love about the kitchen?


Nupur Sharma is in love with her Hacker kitchen. When we asked what she loved the most about her kitchen, she said:


It is spacious, and it is open so that everything, including the kitchen racks, is easily accessible to her. The layout has done justice to the space available and has optimized the space beautifully.


In her previous kitchen design, she had to include a pantry section in the design for storing big utensils, groceries, and other items that required storage.


With a Hacker modular kitchen, she does not require a pantry section. The modular kitchen cabinets take care of her storage needs, along with wicker baskets, overhead cabinets, and other storage components.


Even after four years of usage, her modular kitchen is still robust, functional, and stunning. She summed up her Hacker kitchen experience in one word: “Superb”.


With this, we wrap up today’s #MyHäckerStory. There are many happy customers all across the country, and we cannot wait to share their stories with you. Call us today or visit our showroom for a stunning modular kitchen design.



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