Renovating a Small Indian Kitchen Design? Here Are The Tips You Need

Renovating a Small Indian Kitchen Design? Here Are The Tips You Need

Renovating a Small Indian Kitchen Design Here Are The Tips You Need

Small kitchen spaces are always difficult to design due to the shortage of space available. The same holds true for when it comes to renovating a small kitchen space. However, if your current small Indian kitchen design is not working, you must renovate it to add features to make it functional. Here are some small Indian kitchen renovation tips that might help you renovate the space efficiently.


Small Indian kitchen design renovation tips!


Study the current layout:


The kitchen layout is undoubtedly the most important element in a kitchen design. Before you start planning a renovation, you should study the current layout. If it is working then you do not need to initiate any changes and you can work on it. But if it is not working out at all, then you should explore the latest Indian kitchen ideas to decide which layout you should pick. You already know what is not working with your current kitchen, and you should plan the new layout in accordance with your requirement.


Implement the work triangle rule:


Your small Indian kitchen design must be functional and for that implementing the work triangle rule is a must. If the rule hasn’t been implemented already, you must implement this rule during the renovation. Placement of the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink should be in perfect alignment so that you can access each of these points without any obstacle. The implementation of the rule will make your small kitchen more accessible.


Take advantage of available space:


In a small kitchen there is going to be storage issues and hence you should consider exploring the unused spaces in the kitchen. If you have unused space on the walls, then install small floating shelves in the kitchen. Your storage problems will be taken care of without blocking any space in the kitchen area. Explore small modular kitchen designs to check out the latest storage solutions available. Implement the features that will help you create more storage space in the kitchen. The open shelves can be the ideal solutions that do not take up a lot of space yet will help you create additional storage.  These floating shelves will also be budget friendly.


Barriers can be lifted:


If your current kitchen space is enclosed, you may consider lifting the barriers and make it an open kitchen. An open kitchen concept can truly transform the kitchen design and make it functional. An open Indian kitchen design may also include the dining area; you can also install a two tier kitchen island to create work station and serving area in your kitchen. However, before implementing this design you must decide whether your current layout will work in the open kitchen concept.


Keep things minimal:


A small kitchen does not work well when it is crowded with many elements. If it remains crowded, it will affect the functionality and accessibility. Now that you have decided to renovate your small kitchen space, it is best to keep things minimal. Depending upon your requirement and budget, you should plan the small kitchen renovation. Do away with elements that no longer work for you or, create obstruction in the kitchen. You can replace the bulky cabinets with pull-out drawers that will make your kitchen space more efficient and your storage more accessible. On the other hand, you can also create a visually minimalistic kitchen design, by removing the bulky hardware, and opting for a clean, streamlined look. Explore latest small modular kitchen designs to know which features will work best in your kitchen.


Get a pantry:


If your current kitchen does not have a pantry, it is a great idea to install one now that you have decided to renovate the kitchen design. The Indian kitchen ideas are now incorporating the pantry element. Since in a small kitchen there is hardly any space to make room for a pantry unit, it is best to opt for the smart tall-unit. It can be installed behind the refrigerator, and will hardly take up space. A tall-unit will have multiple sections to store numerous items efficiently. You can store containers, oil jars, grains, and several other dry grocery items.


Conclusion: Keep these points in mind while renovating your small Indian kitchen design. List down your requirements, and learn which features need to be modified. Plan your remodeling project carefully, and do not make random decisions.





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