Kitchens in India: Which Themes Will Dominate Kitchen Renovation in 2024?

Kitchens in India: Which Themes Will Dominate Kitchen Renovation in 2024?

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Kitchen renovation is not something anybody wishes to opt for. Along with being an expensive project, it can also be an elaborate affair to handle; you have to pay attention to the nitty-gritty of the kitchen design process to ensure that the new design rectifies the flaws of your existing kitchen.


Although the requirements of every kitchen are unique, some common themes resonate with kitchens universally. Since we have stepped into the New Year, let’s learn about which themes may dominate the field of kitchen renovation in 2024. If you are planning on renovating your kitchen design in Mumbai, you should explore this guide.


Kitchen design renovation in 2024: What’s trending?


Infusing the design with nature:


Nature may become a dominant theme in kitchen renovation. The kitchen users are now veering towards incorporating nature’s elements into the design. They want their kitchen to be a warm, intimate space. You may find kitchens beautifully decorated with an array of kitchen plants including hanging plants. Since the kitchen is a utilitarian space, you will also find the users growing their herb garden in the kitchen.


A touch of greenery can truly transform your kitchen interior design in Kochi. You should also let natural light into the kitchen area. The kitchens will gradually become more receptive to natural light as the users are now installing big windows and glass doors. Let nature influence your kitchen design.


Minimalist design:


The latest modern kitchen design is veering towards the minimalist theme. A significant chunk of kitchen users now are giving preference to a minimalist kitchen that is completely free from any kind of visual clutter. Clean lines and aesthetics will dominate the kitchen renovation trend this year.


If you want to renovate your kitchen design in Punjab, you may consider getting rid of the old hardware and instead create a minimalist kitchen with handleless alternatives. Repaint your kitchen with a single accent color; an all-white kitchen is always in trend.


You may also change the current layout of the kitchen and opt for an open layout that would further reduce the clutter. An open kitchen design in Punjab is inviting.


Cook and serve:


More and more modern Indian kitchens are merging the cooking and dining areas. It is a great space-saving measure for a small apartment. However, the spacious bungalows too have welcomed this trend, as it allows the users to create an intimate family space in the kitchen.


This year too, eat-in kitchens will continue to remain a popular choice for users. While renovating your kitchen design in Mumbai, you can add an island or a peninsula and plan the right seating arrangement to create a cozy serving zone in your kitchen. A cozy breakfast counter would be a nice addition.


 Concealed storage:


Concealed storage is not a new trend; it’s been there for quite a while. This trend will continue to dominate this year as well. The concealed cabinetry would resonate with users looking to create a minimalist, modern kitchen design. While renovating your kitchen interior design in Kochi, you should give it some thought, especially if your current cabinetry needs a replacement.


Opt for tall units, and flat-panel cabinets that will let you create a clean, uninterrupted look in the kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets can be a perfect addition to the kitchen.


Integrated appliances:


One more dominating theme to watch out for this year would be the integrated appliances.  Along with cabinetry, kitchen users now prefer integrated appliances as well.  Create a minimalist, modern kitchen with integrated appliances. The built-in hobs are a must for your kitchen design in Punjab. You can also hide your dishwasher, and refrigerator, all behind panel doors.


While renovating the kitchen, you can get rid of clutter by creating a small nook for your small appliances and hiding them behind rolling shutters. It will make your countertop more spacious while enhancing the kitchen functionality in the process. Alternatively, you may choose to keep all your small appliances sorted and hidden away in an appliance drawer.


Kitchen trends come and go every year. Explore the trends, but do not implement any without considering your unique kitchen requirements. While renovating, consider implementing changes that would enhance your kitchen space.


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