What Made Anju & Nishith Arora Zero In On Haecker Kitchens? #Myhäckerstory

What Made Anju & Nishith Arora Zero In On Haecker Kitchens? #Myhäckerstory

What Made Anju & Nishith Arora Zero In On Haecker Kitchens? #Myhäckerstory

Every homeowner has a unique requirement for their kitchen, and understanding the specific kitchen requirement is a responsibility that lies with us. At Haecker Kitchens, we always try to learn how the client is envisioning their kitchen, and what their usage pattern is like to provide design solutions to bring that vision to life. We have a family of happy clients who fell in love with their Haecker kitchens when they first set their eyes on their modular kitchen, and they continue to cherish them even after years of usage.


In our blog’s #MyHäckerStory section, we feature such happy customers who love their Haecker kitchens. Real people share their real experiences in this section and talk about what makes their Haecker kitchen special.


In today’s edition, we will be featuring our clients Anju & Nishith Arora who talk about what made them zero in on Haecker Kitchens. Let’s find out!


Anju & Nishith Arora: Happy Haecker modular kitchen owners!


The couple, Anju & Nishith Arora welcomed us into their beautiful home in Camellias in Gurugram.


Mrs. Anju Arora has been running a B2B publishing house for 36 years, and Mr. Nishith Arora has been a serial entrepreneur. Their luxurious home exudes a subtle elegance and in keeping with the theme they have chosen for their interior, they opted for a muted modular kitchen design in white from the Haecker Kitchens.


The gleaming modular kitchen is spacious and has a traditional theme dominating the kitchen interior. Plenty of storage modules and sleek appliances keep the kitchen functional. We loved the recessed lighting that amps up the elegance of this muted modular kitchen.  Anju Arora specified that they wanted their home interior to be a little muted and they avoided garish colors, and or anything over-the-top, so they wanted a luxury kitchen design that aligned perfectly with the muted theme.


They have chosen a Haecker modular kitchen model in white with black and silver appliances to create an interesting contrast.


How did they discover Haecker modular kitchens?


When asked about how they discovered Haecker Kitchens, the couple had quite an interesting story to share.


Their association with the brand goes back 15 years; their interior designer back then had recommended Haecker Kitchens and they settled for it. They used the kitchen for almost a decade and they have been really happy with the modular kitchen setup, and the functionality of the appliances.

When they moved to the Camellias in Gurugram, they wanted to do their research and they started exploring different brands; but eventually, they decided to zero in on their German modular kitchen manufacturer, Haecker Kitchens!



Why did they select Haecker Kitchens for the second time?


The choice, according to Mrs. Anju Arora, was justified by several strong factors. She notes that their long-standing relationship with Haecker was a major factor and that they had a positive overall experience with the company. Furthermore, She has used her previous Haecker modular kitchen for a long time and she has been happy with its functionality; especially she swears by the appliances and their functionality which continue to offer the best results even after a decade of usage.  Here’s how she summed it up-


“I’m very happy with their personalized sales, their servicing, the products, and now, of course, the proximity” – Anju Arora


At Haecker Kitchens, we partner with only the top appliance brands that promise quality and functionality to offer a grand experience to the user.


Are they happy with their experience with Haecker Kitchens?



Mr. Nishith Arora emphasizes they have had a long association with the Haecker Kitchens and they are happy with the experience they have had so far. Along with their new home in Camellias in Gurugram, they have also selected the brand for their son’s and daughter’s home subsequently.


They were quite busy in the modular kitchen, as Mrs Anju Arora was cooking and smoothly switching between modules and appliances, retrieving items from the pull-out drawers the process was seamless and it showed the ease and efficiency with which they are operating in the kitchen.


Mr. Nishith Arora further added that the quality of their luxury kitchen design is ‘excellent’, and he would always recommend Haecker Kitchens to people. Here’s how he summed up his experience-


“The process followed with Häcker is excellent. Right from the initial alternatives, meetings with the architect, selection of the modules, all that has gone very well for our kitchen & we’re very happy with the whole experience” – Nishith Arora


With that, we are concluding this #MyHäckerStory, but there are more to come. We are a trusted German modular kitchen manufacturer, and we prioritize our customers by paying attention to their core needs so that we can craft their dream modular kitchen design. Reach out to us today!




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